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SF2 Mirage 4000P & PB

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SF2 Mirage 4000P & PB

This aircraft mod represents Dassault's what-if Mirage 4000P fighter and its trainer PB variant in the Portugese Air Force service.
This package comes with 1 skin set for each variant, with decals for P (14 planes), and for PB (6 planes).
Also it is dedicated to our friend Cocas who put his work and time to bring us many of the rare or experimental aircraft in this game series and originally created the base model for this plane.

This model is meant for SF2 games only, SF1 variants will be uploaded at the SF1 section.

Install is the regular dropping the contents in their respective places. In case you have the prototype or French A and B variants you can skip the overwrite prompt of weapons as those 6 items are identical.

Please note: The model can be quite heavy on FPS in large formations on weaker machines, so if required, either resize skin files or use lower lods(_nd,001,002,003) as lod1.

The model uses the general french and NATO weapons, either as part of weapon packs or the Mirage 2000 family.

Important: The PB variant comes with 2 types of cockpit, the basic setup will use a simple pit that has only the pilots cabin instrumented. The other is a fully modeled front and rear compartment, in which you want to fly you should activate the proper line in the AC's.ini file.

CockpitDataFile=Mirage4000PB_Cockpit.ini <---- basic setup
;CockpitDataFile=Mirage4000PB_Cockpit_full1.ini <------ front seat
;CockpitDataFile=Mirage4000PB_Cockpit_full2.ini <------ rear seat

Be aware - the piloting seat position can not be changed during/in game, so chose wisely!

Make sure to read the manual included with the package.


Creators of these Aircraft mods as members of CombatAce site:

Original 3D work: Cocas

Aircraft 3d update and additional changes: Logan4
Cockpit 3d work: Logan4
Aircraft FM: Cliff7600
Aircraft avionics: Loborojo, Cliff7600, logan4
Skin files and decals: Flogger23, Cliff7600, logan4, loborojo
Cockpit files: Logan4, Cliff7600

Thanks to Crusader for additional brochure files

Big thanks to members of CombatAce for helping and answering our questions and in sorting out some of the issues we got while creating this mod.

Modding and distribution of files are allowed and limited according to the CombatAce Freeware Licensing agreement.


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