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A couple Questions Namely can any one ID this

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Can anyone identify this refueling plane in this pic?

At first I though it was a S-2 Tracker, but there are noticeable differences. Different engines, vertical stabilizers, and tip tanks. The jets look like 510thh Tactical Fighter Squadron aircraft. In the game that'd be the F-100D model as the 64 & 68 have the late refuel probe.

Also, on the YAP site he mentions a Refueling mod that works with 'Wings over Vietnam.'  Is this real? Does it work with SF2?  Considering it's not free, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this? DCS World apparently does allow aerial refueling. However, they don't have very many planes and my current computer uh can't handle that much game. You know like the women we've dated. :stars:


Oh, and I don't suppose its available for CFS? Maybe I could bump the basket with my uh probe and call it a night.


Thank You in advance!




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North American Aviation AJ-2 Savage, compound drive (jet engine under tail, 2 radials) 1st USN nuclear capable bomber. Can't quite make out the tail code, looks like "ZH". Be a "VAH" squadron ***


no, the refueling mod dosen't work. 

Can't say anything about CFS.


** wiki says VAH-16

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