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Chipmunk T10 BRIXMIS skin and templates

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Chipmunk T10 BRIXMIS skin and templates

Brixmis Chipmunk T10 and templates

This was a quick and dirty mod to provide templates for the rerelease of the de Havilland Chipmunk Trainer and a skin to represent the BRIXMIS recon mission.


You will need the original aircraft available here
otherwise, this should work in any version of SF2

unzip main folder.

Place objects folder in the objects folder of your chosen install.

place templates folder wherever you need to, in order to create more skins. templates are available in xcf for Gimp users and psd for Photoshop users

note: the patches layers are set to create a ribbed effect on the pertinent airfoils. they are set so that you should be able to use them with any other design

 The British Commander in Chiefs Mission or BRIXMIS for short was a mission that used the legal ability of a certain number of British servicemembers to roam the
Soviet Zone of Occupation, generally known as East Germany. Reciprocity was enjoyed by the Soviets in the former British Zone of Occupation.

The airborne component of BRIXMIS flew out of RAF Gatow in Berlin. An observer rode in the front and took pictures of Soviet military activities and equipment within
a 20 mile radius of Berlin, flying under cover of "exercising the right to navigate within the flight corridors to and from Berlin".

Serials provided are in pairs for each period of time operated, but in one overall skin

WK303, WK587 from 1956-1966
WP850, WP971 from 1966-1974
WZ862, WD289 from 1974-1988
WG466, WG486 from 1988-1990


    From the Original
Big Al for the aircraft
Bobrock for pilot figure (A-26)
AvHistory for the engine sound
Raven for the cockpit.
Wrench for everything else.

daddyairplanes: Brixmis Skin and decals, template created while making these
paulopanz, Stratos: test subjects to make sure it worked elsewhere (no modders were harmed in the making of this template)


Google image searches
"Safety of Flight Not Garunteed" https://www.16va.be/vols_brixmis_part1_eng2.html
originally read about in one of Key Publishing's aviation magazines


i hope you all enjoy the skin and that the template is useful to anyone wishing to add in other users.

Kevin Unruh

aka daddyairplanes

20 March 2020


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