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DCS Weekend News 3rd April 2020

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April 3rd, 2020


Dear Fighter Pilot,


We are delighted to announce that progress on Supercarrier is going full steam ahead. Hangars, night lighting and ground crew are receiving a lot of attention as well as the F18 AI behaviour in the pattern, on approach and also in the stack. We are also working hard on a set of instructional videos that will help kickstart your Naval Warfare Operations experience.

The next week is full of great opportunities to fly some of our Top Products for free. This is also your chance to save up to 50% across our e-shop product range.

We hope that you are healthy and looking after those you care for most. Stay smart and fly safe.

Thank you for your passion and support.


Yours Sincerely,


The Eagle Dynamics Team


Prepare for Supercarrier

Hit the deck running




As we prepare to launch Supercarrier into early access, we have written a FAQ section to quick start your learning. Read community questions here.

The Supercarrier early access manual is now available for download. Prepare for Carrier OPS in DCS World by downloading the manual.



Development Report


Supercarrier development has been progressing at a steady pace, we wanted to show off two areas many of you have been asking about;

Hangar Area

The basic structure has been completed.

Night Lighting

To provide an immersive nighttime experience, we are working on the addition of glow sticks and aircraft light flash signals. Vests also have reflective patches.

Wags is working hard on instructional videos. You can find more on his channel here.


#Stay At Home

Fly Warbirds free, and save


This is your chance to experience the P-51D Mustang, Fw 190A-8 Anton, and the Bf 109K-4 Dora for free over the coming days. Visit our store for 50% off most of our modules until April 18th.

See the free trial schedule below and visit our DCS E-shop or Steam.

  • April 3-4: Mustang
  • April 5-6: Fw 190 A8
  • April 7-8: Bf 109 K4
  • April 9-10: Persian Gulf Map
  • April 11-12: Nevada Map
  • April 13-14: F-86
  • April 15-16: MiG-15
  • April 17-18: Black Shark Ka-50

Visit our e-shop ›

Thank you all again for your support and passion.

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