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SF2 F-102 (V2K) Delta Dart Hawaii ANG Skin Pack

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SF2 F-102 (V2K) Delta Dart Hawaii ANG Skin Pack

SF2 F-102 (V2K) Delta Dart Hawaii ANG Skin Pack                            5/22/2020

= For SF2 (Any & All) =

This is a new skin for the F-102 Delta Dart, by Veltro2K. It represents Darts as used by the 199th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Hawaiian Air National Guard from 7 December 1960 until October 1976.

You can find the aircraft, if you don't have it already at the following URL:


This is an all new skin, built from Geary's template (thanks!), with 26 new serial numbers. Those numbers marked with the star (*) are 100% historical. All the rest should be considered generic in nature. Decal randomization is TRUE.

When in-game, you'll see:

199th FIS, Hi ANG (12/60-10/76)

On the skin/unit selection drop-down menu.

**Important! In order to eliminate confusion with the Razbam F-102, this main folder has been tagged as "F-102A_v2k". If yours in name differently, you may have to either rename you aircraft folder, or rename THIS folder to fit you personal naming conventions. Do NOT rename the folders in the Decals sub-folder. This will keep their specific pathways intact.**

As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... they can be accessed after unzippering. Please follow the 'usual instructions'. If you run into trouble, feel free to post the question, or PM me. 

Happy Landing!
Kevin Stein


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