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SF2 F-86D Sabre Dog Revamp Pack

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SF2 F-86D Sabre Dog Revamp Pack

SF2 F-86D Sarbre Dog Revamp Pack    5/19/2020

"Quarantine Approved - Essential Mods"

= For SF2 (Any & All) =

This package is designed to replace the original F-86D/L pack available from the folowing URL:


by suhjake from 2009

It is NOT necessary to have the original mod pack, as this WILL replace it in total. Everything reusable from that pack will be included with this. On a side note, the F-86L "Lima" Sabre will be covered in a a seperate release. Even though the folder is named "F-86D-45" it represents =ALL= production blocks of the Sabre Dog, for those users included in the mod package.

The following units are depicted herein:

101st Hikotai (56-68) - JASDF
16th FIS (51-59) - PACAF, Misawa Japan
37th FIS (53-58) - Ethan Allen AFB, VT
97th FIS (51-55) - Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
431st FIS "Red Devils" (55-58) - Wheelus AFB, Lybia
469th FIS (53-58) - McGhee Tyson AFB, TN
520th FIS (54-55) - Geiger Field, Spokane WA
146th FIS Pa ANG (57-60) -they used the F-86L congruently with the F-86D
and a
USAF Silver (Generic) -a blank skin for other skinners to use.

All of the Original Skins have been completely redone, although they remain in bmp format. Several of the orignal decals have been reused, but modified from level 2 to level 0 (tail squadron markings). 26 all new serial and buzz numbers have been created. The 101 Hikotai and the 97th FIS & 431st do NOT use this same pool of numbers. They needed they're own for reasons that will become apparent during game play. The 431st is the ONLY unit in the pack that is listed on the stick squadronlist ini, and is tagged accordingly.

Most marking are decals; in some cases wing and squadron marking had to be painted on due to mesh issues (tail). Decal randomization is TRUE for all skins. On the individual number lists, any number marked with a star (*) is 100% correct for that unit.

 All weapons, pilots, etc are included. A backup copy of the original Data ini is already provided, as the new one has many modifications and adjustments. 

As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... they can be accessed after unzipperizing. Please follow the 'usual instructions' 

Happy Landing!
Kevin Stein

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