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(Marcfighters) KC-10A Extender in the 90s

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(Marcfighters) KC-10A Extender in the 90s

(Marcfighters) KC-10A Extender in the 90s

This is a redux of the Marcfighters KC-10 mod. It incorporates each wing that used the KC-10A in the early to mid 1990s. This includes the units that still operated the Extender at the transition from SAC to AMC, as well as the transition to Travis and McGuire AFBs. Also included are the two skins for the KDC-10 tanker version used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force

Installation:     Unlike many of my mods, i reccommend just deleting the previous mod if you have it on hand. This is a vast leap over the older skin set, and coversall available tankers rather than just 6 for each camo style. Allowing overwrite should not hurt anything, just dont complain about clutter if you go that path.
                          Otherwise, like always, unzip and install into any SF2 mod folder.

    5 skins for the 458th ARG, 22d ARW, 4th Wing, and the 60th and 305th AMWs in 1995
    multi camo decal sets for these skins
    nose art as appropriate
    tweeked skins for the KDC-10 aircraft
    original decals for these aircraft

Known Issues
    the model and flight model are the same that Marcfighters included in the original (SF1) ODS mod. it was meant as eyecandy, and had no pit. as released i have commented out the cockpit, but had a sitting on the nose pit so i could load it in game
     to check work. there are also no windows for the cockpit, the entire fuselage is one piece (cause marking limitations)
    it is sluggish, and flies nose down.

    given there is a newer model known to be in the pipeline (eta two weeks), i am putting the lipstick on this pig but not working too much ini improvement. over 3/4 of the work on this should transfer easy to the new model when it comes.comments on how she flies will be referred to this warning.

Credit and Thanks
    marcfighters                                          original model
    daddyairplanes                                     skin and decal work
    KC-10 FB group                                    reference on the old days of this tanker
    Anthony Spencer                                  more detailed reference on the KC-10
    Stratos, NightshadeP/R, allenjb42    extra eyes to catch my mistakes

I hope you enjoy this mod
Kevin Unruh aka daddyairplanes
28 June 2020


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