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I had 2 terrains, both stock , the GermanyCE, the other Desert (NavalMap=FALSE for both). I made 5 Soviet cargo ships (they all have ServiceStartYear=1950/ServiceEndYear=2050), put them in Ground Objects, then I wrote and add for each, the lines needed, for both terrains, in their types.ini files (TargetType=MISC fixed for all 5). In GermanyCE terrain they all appear, randomly , as they should, when I take any anti_ship allied mission. In Desert terrain, only the cargo ship (the generic one) appears everytime. I want to know why is that.

- Why, in Desert terrain, won't they appear randomly, as in GermanyCE terrain ?

- When the generic naval objects appear (in what conditions) and when the ones who have a country defined in their data.ini file ? What is making the differences ? I want to understand how they work.


Thank you

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