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  1. Windows 10 is already a 64bit operating system. Old operating system on 32bit could access 2GB of RAM only (aprox 3GB with special extensions) and because of that, today they are obsolete. That is why were created new 64bit operatings systems, to be able to acces more RAM (up to 128GB). I rather think you wanted to ask if TK new game (SF2 complete collection for Win 10) will support Win 10 64bit edition. It will, for sure, because it needs to access more than 2GB of RAM. There is no, today, any Win10 edition on 32bit that I know of (Microsoft , I heard, retreated them all from the market), but in the near past there were some, which were very cheap. All that fancy Direct X10 graphics light effects and high resolution terrains/textures "costs" tones of RAMs to see them on your screen in max graphics settings. The future in matter of OS and videocard is PLENTY of RAM available for more effects and details in games and graphical applications. PS - I tested the SF2 Israel on my system which runs Win 10 64bit edition. You need 6,7GB of RAM to run the game and have enough for the system itself. My OS needs aprox 4GB of RAM, depending how many applications you run in the same time and their complexity (their need for RAM). So 2,7 GB of RAM are used, more or less, to run the game under Win 10 for now. I am talking about the SF2 series which was not , officially written for Win 10. I doubt that Win 10 SF2 edition will take less RAM or more than this one.
  2. I took a cargoship type I liked from a terrain I downloaded and tried to integrate into another terrain. The ship has just the LOD , the bitmaps and the ini file, no data.ini file. I tried to replace its lack of data.ini with the stock cargoship data.ini. I know that structure is different a bit., I looked to each ship nodes in the ship's LOD. The only problem is that the ship goes...backwards. LOL Which parameters are responsable for the direction of the movement of a ship ? Could be the 3D LOD settings itself ? I ask that because I notice that all 3D ships models, when you open them in LOD viewer, they have the bow to the right. In fact all 3D ship models I saw are like this. The one in cause it has it the bow to the left. I need guiding. Thank you.
  3. Win XP was the frst which used a modified NT core from Windows NT edition, used on servers only for its stability and memory manager. Win Vista was a failure of OS when it appears. It was real embarassing for Microsoft. There were brand new PCs that couldn't run Vista, not because they were weak in terms of power, but because Vista was that bad. They saved the disaster after a few upgrades. Win 7 was the real upgrade, with a strong memory manager. Win 8 was, again, a failure, but just in terms of conception (they imagined that people would love to touch their pc screen monitors with fingers, nobody sane does that). Win 8, in terms of hardware was just a Win 7 with a few bugs solved, nothing more, meaning easy money for Bill. He pulled that because Win 7 supported Direct X 11, which was a game changer for gamers and this way he forced everyone to switch to Win 7. Win 10 is the same Win 7 with the same bugs solved, but they coudln't just stay and not realeasing anything on the market and they thought they will trick again the gamers community, implementing Direct X 12. It didn't work so well for Bill here, again. So, tomorrow they are again out of ideas, they are thinking how to launch the same old Win 7 but to name it different. And the hope that people are not , again, noticing what they are in fact doing.
  4. You benefit of Direct X 12 API only if the game is written (programmed) for this API, meaning that it will have Direct X 12 effects (plus compatibility with older Direct X versions effects). Through this API OS can access the graphic hardware in order to render those kind of effects on one's monitor. In other words, the SF2 series , which work very well on Win 10, even if it was not writtent specifically for this OS, won't look better in Win 10, because it's effects are old (Direct X 10 only, which was for Vista). Even Win 7 uses Direct X 11, but is compatible with older effects 'till Direct X 9c. Direct X 11 hardware brought for real, with proper programming of a game/software, an update in matter of graphics. (shaders, tesselation effects, specialized antialising, HDR etc). However very few people know that Direct X 12 brings just two or three new effects only which, without a trained eye, you won't even notice them, the rest of the cream comes from Direct X 11 API.
  5. I suspected that from the moment I realized it has no data.ini file. But with a data.ini file (even one borrowed from a generic cargoship) or if the model would 've had bow to the right, it would float as a cargoship , with the necessary adjusted settings. I liked the model, that is why I wanted it.
  6. Now I see clearly your point. Thank you. I'll keep this type of thinking close.
  7. Would ships, from ground Objects Folder, noted WARSHIP, in their data.ini files, will appear in (randomly) single missions or just in campaigns ? I saw in Wrench's map Israel2 some warships noted as Warehouse and some oil tankers noted oil field or something. Will that do to make them appear anywhere ? I ask those sort of thing because I want to learn about ships dynamics in this game.Thank you.
  8. It's not a mod unless you call a mod a few new menu interfaces.. In picture is just another interface for SF2 Israel (merged with all other stock terrains). In rest I modified only what I said above in previous post. Everything is changed from settings, nothing new is added except interfaces for menus.
  9. I saw some pics in some threads which looks beautiful. How do I add static jetfighters, or other planes on the carrier's deck ? I looked into KB, no referrence of the matter. Thank you. PS - ships, from ground Objects Folder, noted WARSHIP will appear in (randomly) single missions or just in campaigns ? I saw in Wrench's map Israel2 some warships noted as Warehouse and some oil tankers noted oil field or something. Will that do to make them appear anywhere ?
  10. I read on the net that TK said that the game will be just updated to Win 10/Direct X 12 and have NO other improvements at all. That means that just the game's engine will be updated with some extentions to support directly/officialy Windows 10 (and the Direct X12 API) and nothing else. If the game doesn't have any DirectX 12 effects in it, being just the same old SF2 (with all series) and a guaranteed no bugs Win 10 interface and nothing else, why would I buy it ? I already ran it fine on Win 10, with no crashes or other bugs. NONE! I'm disappointed, I would've been expected more for an Win 10/Direct X 12 upgrade.
  11. Yes I took it directly from a terrain (that is why, I guess, it has not its own data.ini file). So I guess there is nothing to be done...Thanks PS - I tried to change those numbers you mentioned it, no change, it goes backwards. LOL
  12. I think they will, because just the game's engine has to do with (new) operating systems. IMO SF2 is already perfect compatible with Win 10, even if it was written for Win 7. Future OS will use, for sure, the NT core again, upgraded versions of it, of course, which all Microsoft OS, from XP to Win 10, have it. If TK will , I don't know, switch to a modified avionicsXX.dll library then , maybe , it will be an issue for planes which have a cockpit and avionics, but not caused , directly by an OS.
  13. Alright then , but could you, please, tell me how and where will they appear as targets, especially those noted by you as warehouse in TerrainName_Types.ini ? Those noted as warship in TerrainName_Types.ini will they appear in campaigns only ? It's important for me to know that, please understand, because I want to increase the chance for ships (especially the warships) to appear as targets in single missions. Teach me , please, how to do exactly that or a workaround or something. I ask that because I saw that the generic cargoship, in stock maps is noted MISC (from miscellanious probably) as TargetType. When I saw you noted them Warehouse, I thought you did that to increase their chances to appear in strike missions, too. Am I wrong ? (please don't say just "yes" LOL) [TargetType294] Name=ISCargoShip FullName=Israeli Freighter TargetType=WAREHOUSE ActiveYear=1948 TargetValue=250 UseGroundObject=TRUE GroundObjectType=IS_Freighter RepairRate=0.555 StartDetectChance=0 StartIdentifiedChance=0 IncreaseDetectChanceKey=0 MaxVisibleDist=8000.0 DestroyedEffect=ShipDestroyedEffect DamagedModel= SecondaryEffect=LargeOilFire DestroyedModel=maru_destroyed.LOD SecondaryChance=100
  14. Not really, if you add ANY nation in Nations.ini it works, plus changing the plane's "country" where is needed (in plane's data.ini file, in plane's ini file, in textureset.ini for each skin you have and adding the line EnemyNationXXX=SOVIETNAVY in [LimitedNationList], in terrains ini file ). I don't use Menrva mode, I just added the nation SOVIETNAVY and all the others I mentioned, that's all. Trust me, it's just as simple. Kamchatka terrain is already set to allow single missions FROM a carrier, the Russian one. Maybe , there it's the real...mystery, how he made that possible. The other maps, I noticed , don't have these settings, you have to add , manually, in editor , the carrier, and then to set your plane to take off from the carrier.But the funny thing is that if you do that, you get NO deck planes at all! I told you I am a fast lerner LOL // Oman 77-83 [Nation210] Name=Oman_OLD77 ActiveDate=1977 AlternateDecal=Oman_OLD70 // Oman 70-77 [Nation211] Name=Oman_OLD70 ActiveDate=1970 AlternateDecal=Oman_OLD63 // Oman 65-70 [Nation212] Name=Oman_OLD65 [Nation213] Name=SovietNavy DisplayName=Soviet Navy Air Force Alignment=ENEMY PilotNameList=NamesRussian.lst RankList=RanksRussian.lst CallsignList=CallsignsUS.lst Formation.Fighter=SovietFighter Formation.Attack=SovietFighter Formation.Bomber=SovietBomber Formation.Transport=SovietBomber Formation.Tank=SovietTank Formation.MobileAD=SovietAD PilotTrainingStandard=EXCELLENT GenderRatio=0 DebriefSuccessMusic=DebriefSuccess.wav DebriefFailMusic=DebriefFail.wav DebriefKilledMusic=DebriefKilled.wav SpeechFile=USAFSpeech.cat SpeechTextFile=USAFSpeechText.str You won't have, in the menu, Service markings and Unit Markings (I added myself in decals of course, which is easy) because they don't exist, but it will still work.You even can make all your plane's skins to appears, using the startdefaultdate trick, in loadout.ini and they will appear changed on the carrier's deck accordingly.
  15. if you look , ABOVE, to one of my posts , where are those 3 notepad files open, you will notice a Kiev aircraft carrier (the stock one) data.ini file MODIFIED (the deck section ONLY!) and 2 more files , one with a YAK-38 and one with a helo which is based on a carrier ( can land and take off from there if there is a carrier around, in single missions which are supported by some terrains. Kamchatka terrain , for instance has such support for single missions; check it out on the download sections/terrains). The planes' files need modifies in [missiondata], the last 4 lines. If you have another plane that you want on a carrier, you will have to make , for it, the same modifications. Depending on the plane's wingspan some values must be changed accordingly. That's all.
  16. Alright. if you need anything just call me.
  17. which files exactly do you mean ? Where do you wish to upload them, here ?
  18. yeap that was it. I changed for the Kiev and now they all appear. THANK YOU for help and stimulating me to find the mistake!
  19. Oh I think I know what is wrong...The YAK-38 is SOVIETNAVY, not just SOVIET. I'll check and come back with the result.
  20. I have exactly the same values, but it won't work. I'm puzzled. But the helos if I put TRUE in its file, appear! I really feel frustration.
  21. I have the same settings in Kiev carrier data.ini file and I don't get your results, unfortunately. You forgot to let me know what value do you have in YAK-38 aircraft data.ini (CarrierParkSpan= ?) . That is the most interesting. Anyway, it won't work, I had these values you showed me already as default. Carrier plane's values make the differeces is my guess or there is another value/parameter which count there that matters. where is the unfolded span value ?
  22. UPDATE I did this: I let again TRUE for the helo and let ParkingChance=100 on the Kiev. The parked helos appear everytime!!! I loaded and reloaded the game 25 times and I confirm that game loads the hellos on deck everytime. The helo had CarrierParkSpan=5.55 value. I did another thing after that: I switch to FALSE for helo and replace YAK_38 and YAK-38M CarrierParkSpan values with it helo's values. It doesn't work, the deck is empty everytime. How the heck for helo works and for aircraft won't ?? What does have the helo and the aircraft not I wonder...A helo has a shorter widespan...How can I put this into the equation ? Any ideas or suggestions ?
  23. So those nice pictures with carrier parked aircraft were a mirage...That's a shame, I liked them and decided to add them to my new SF2 database I got.
  24. You mean there is just 1% chance to appear as parked aircraft on a carrier deck ? On airfields parked aircraft appear everytime but I guess there is no connection between them. I looked into one airfield.ini and parking chance was 80 and 15 for large aircraft. Still, parked aircraft appear everytime. How does this random engine go I wonder...
  25. It's CarrierParkSpan=5.55. I tried to fudge , but no luck. Maybe someone who has those planes sees this thread and is letting me know his values. By the way the values put there in plane's data files (CarrierParkSpan=4.55 etc) weren't first tested ? Were they put there just randomly ? I doubt...Or maybe they worked in SF1... In that parameter the values are in meters or ? I try to figure the issue out that's why I ask.

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