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  1. Can anyone , please , tell me, who exactly, here on this forum, knows to work with a 3D editor , in order to make planes for SF1/SF2 series ? I am so pissed because I can't find that plane that I am willing to pay someone to make a SU-34. If anyone is interested and want to take up my offer please PM me. Thank you!
  2. I decided to try again my luck and currently I search for skilled people who could design, let's say...a Tu-160 ? There might be a small team, if I am lucky enough which will take the job and let's hope I won't fail you again , like in the last summer. More about the subject after the new year main holiday. Let me know what you think folks.
  3. Just a small update. We are making some progress with the weapons system corection and the FM. We need more testing for now.
  4. After some evaluation and thinking I took the decision to release two versions , for each SF series, a cold era version of the plane. The cold era version will load out conventional bombs. The post cold war era version will use the conventional tipped rockets/bombs for SF-1 and rockets, bombs, cruise missiles for SF-2. The motivation behind this decision is to deliver believable, solid FM (it takes time to tweak and test it) and , also, for the post cold era SF-2 version we need more time to test and tweak the cruise missiles settings etc. I know you all wait for the release and I hope I won't disappoint you for taking a little longer time than I thought, just to offer you a quality product, exactly as you all expected. I expect to release the cold era version in 2-3 weeks and the post cold era version in 2-3 months.Thank you.
  5. A small update for the project. A few issues has been corrected: - the engines nacelles corrected - the wheels and wheel rims corrected - the landing gear problems corrected A few more tweaks (FM in particular, I am not yet completely satsfied how it performs here) and I will upload the files (for SF1 & SF2)
  6. Thank you for understanding and I hope I didn't cause you too much trouble, but if I did, I apologize. I just wanna do something nice for this wonderful community that gave me that much in all these long years. Cheers!
  7. Thank you for stressing it out. I think I missunderstood it when I first read it. It's a brilliant idea.Thank you for help Logan.
  8. How would A.I. react to that ? Would the new feature affect "them" , too ? If not, it's a big disadvantage I think.
  9. I used capital letter to some words , because I found them supportive to my narative/request, that is all, I just stressed my advocacy for the issue, so you shouldn't take this personal, if that is what you meant. It's just my style in underlining things I find them important for the respective communication. I hope I didn't offend anyone being just myself. I also noticed that YOU are the owner of the website so maybe projects like this one can find a little understanding when it comes for a few extra megabytes to upload pictures concerning projects. If it's not possible, well, that's it, I will upload somewhere else when the space will be , again, full. PS- There is space now because I erased 90% of what pics I uploaded in the past, but that I did it today. However, until now, when you explained how things work with those 40MB, I didn't know that , so I always thought it's some sort of error, I thought there were no limits for pics , here on the forum. Now it's crystal clear.
  10. I understand that, but at least projects made for everyone here should get some support I think. If it would be just uploading photos for my delight, it would be a different story, that's all I said. Maybe they could build just for projects a thread or something where could be a bigger limit to project pics, I'm just saying. PS - do you think that sponsoring projects comes ...cheap ?
  11. I just want to show them here in forum, not to store them. 40MB is the max, for life, here on forum as a senior member? I don't upload pics here everyday. Maybe this time it could be make some exception or we should find a compromise, I am showing these files TO YOU all, because YOU are interested in the project and not because my ego is bigger than the MB store limit I got. If we cannot find a compromise, I will be force to do what I already done, for years,, upload pics to some shaddy websites , instead of doing it here, where it was supposed to. Please try to see things from my perspective, too. If it was just for my ego, you never would have heard of me complaining about space. Please find a solution for THESE cases, when a plane in development is shown to the people. Thank you.
  12. Thx for posting the photos. It's embarrassing I can't do it myself because of that hitch of the website. We'll see about future projects. It all depends how people will react to this very first project. If it will be a hit then there are chances that work will go further. We'll see.
  13. Testing was finished. The 3D model is solid but a few ajustments must be made for the FM plus a few minor issues. In the shortest time possible these problems will be addressed. I'll keep you posted. Some pictures with its animations in LOD viewer: https://www34.zippyshare.com/v/8D0yA1wl/file.html PS - PLEASE, for god's sake, a moderator could get rid me of that error " You are only allowed to upload 61.44kb " ??? I ASKED THAT four times and no one did anything. I can't show pics here because of that and I have to go to some other sites just to show you pics of the plane!
  14. Today I have the files and the test was commenced. It will take a week max and after that, if everything looks as it should I will upload the files for you. Thank you for your patience
  15. ok I am back and I will receive (I hope) tomorrow the files and start testing them.
  16. I apologize , it will be a delay of two or three weeks because of the holiday period. Stay tuned.
  17. I was absent for a while, I had some familiy matters to attend to, I apologize. I have very good news for you. The project is finished, both for SF1 and SF2 as well (I spoke today with the team). Unfortunately I am not home now and I will need a month more (holiday). Then I will test the models and and if there are no major issues, I will upload them for you to have them. Link for some more photos for both SF1 and SF2: https://www8.zippyshare.com/v/4feXqQfJ/file.html
  18. SF2 Mirage 4000BA & BB - Belgian Air Force

    very nice friend!
  19. MiG-29UB 9-51 Series

    very nice piece of work!
  20. Thanks for publishing them. It seems that this would be the mean for now on until a moderator will fix this issue.
  21. it's simple just press on the link I posted and get ...them. :)
  22. well it's not about skill than it's to have space allowed to drag and drop the photos. When I try that it says that i have 64,6kb allowed only. I ASK AGAIN a moderator to solve this issue , please! Or at least give me a solution to be able to publish the photos here, without going to other website etc
  23. if ED goes bankrupt who would repay the cash for all the planes bought from them ? And even so...it's too much expensive IMO. If I do a little math and I add a little, I already can fly with a real one. LOL. In Australia a ride with F-14 is 2500 bucks.
  24. I've got news from project team. First flight: https://files.fm/u/6ge9cmpp Like last time, I would ask someone to publish the photos to be seen directly. Thank you.
  25. I see. You almost got me with that cockpit.

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