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  1. Could , please, some of you, people from respective countries let me know WHEN exactly (the year) the Eurfighter Typhoon had a operational squadron in that country ? I am interested in SPAIN, UK, AUSTRIA, GERMANY. I searched the net but the answer I seek is blurry at best. Thank you!
  2. Hmm, I see. I guess I'll have to cope with the flickering for the moment being.
  3. I tried the Euro-2000 Typhoon and the canopy is flickering. I also, when I tried a search for the matter, found this but I am afraid that he is talking about the plane WHEN is STILL in the 3D Editor, still unfinished : "The flicker is usually caused by double faces that near each other. For example if you look from the outside, go to the section that is flickering, select Ignore backface, and see if you can select a face that is behind the outer faces. The other cause for flickering is that there are overlapping faces" Question: is there anything that I can do NOW, with the model in hand to get rid of the flicker or am I just beatting a dead horse ? Thanks!
  4. I layed my hands on a RF-4C plane (Spain) model and in its loadout.ini file it says that it should load two "Flash_Pod"s (one for each side I guess, with specific code station "RF4"). The 3D model seems to have 2 cameras on each side of the aircraft 's nose. The dataini file states these lines: [LeftBay01] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=11 StationGroupID=5 StationType=INTERNAL BombBayAnimationID=4 AutomaticDoors=True BombBayOpenTime=0.5 BombBayCloseTime=0.5 AttachmentPosition=-0.350,-3.2850,0.85 AttachmentAngles=-90.0,25.0,0.0 LoadLimit=550.0 AllowedWeaponClass=RCN AttachmentType=USAF ModelNodeName= PylonMass= LaunchRailNodeName= MinExtentPosition= MaxExtentPosition= SpecificStationCode=RF4 [RightBay01] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=12 StationGroupID=5 StationType=INTERNAL BombBayAnimationID=8 AutomaticDoors=True BombBayOpenTime=0.5 BombBayCloseTime=0.5 AttachmentPosition=0.350,-3.2850,0.85 AttachmentAngles=90.0,25.0,0.0 LoadLimit=550.0 AllowedWeaponClass=RCN AttachmentType=USAF ModelNodeName= PylonMass= LaunchRailNodeName= MinExtentPosition= MaxExtentPosition= SpecificStationCode=RF4 and this: Recon Cam ------------------- [ReconCam] ReferenceName=KS-72/KS-85 SystemType=EO_CAMERA CameraFOV=5.000000 CameraPosition=0.000000,10.062,-0.956 CameraYaw=15.000000 CameraPitch=15.000000 CameraRoll=15.000000 SightTexture=avq23sight1.tga EODisplayFlags=268435456 However, I searched in all weapon pack, no luck. Does anyone have that camera (FLASH_POD) please ? Thank you. PS- Can anyone, please, give me a crash course about these recon cameras in SF1/SF2 series. Am I supposed to see something, as an image, carrying them on an aircraft or are they there just for the show ?
  5. I have a RF-4C which has a refule probe. When switching from TRUE to FALSE (ShowFromCockpit=TRUE/FALSE) this line , I still see it (it's not whole, just its end and it looks weird) from inside the cockpit. Is there a way to hide JUST when I look outside the cockpit window please ? I don't want to remove it from the 3D aircraft model, I just want not to see it from INSIDE the cockpit or...if possible, to see it correctly (the whole refule pipe, as it should look like, when looking outside the cockpit window). Is there a way ? Thank you. I think these lines might have some answers: [AircraftData] EmptyMass=13397.1 //EmptyInertia=141739.6,28550.6,161309.4 EmptyInertia=127277.0,26042.7,145478.1 ReferenceArea=49.24 ReferenceSpan=11.79 ReferenceChord=4.89 CGPosition=0.00,1.70,0.00 Component[001]=Fuselage Component[002]=Nose Component[003]=LeftWing Component[004]=RightWing Component[005]=LeftStab Component[006]=RightStab Component[007]=VertTail Component[008]=LeftOuterWing Component[009]=RightOuterWing Component[010]=Perche [Perche] ParentComponentName=Nose ModelNodeName=refuel_door_out ShowFromCockpit=FALSE
  6. Could anyone tell me, please, if some of the old soviet YAK aircraft (YAK-25M/YAK-25RV/YAK-28I/YAK-28P) had or carried any pods of countermeasures, including electronic ? (chaff/flare/ECM) Thank you!
  7. Very nice Flogger, thanks for contributing! In YAK-25RV Mandrake (the 3D model I mean I found on this website) there is that device on its wings, which is seen in your first picture. I guess it's the ECM equipment.
  8. Hi Kevin, long time, no see! Thanks for the tip. I searched for a while on the internet but I made a very slow progress. I will look for that book you instructed to hunt. Nice to see you again Kevin. I've found this:
  9. I solved it, it had another line, I didn't see it the first time, which should be switched to FALSE. Now it works. This one: [Fuselage] ModelNodeName=fuselage_P ShowFromCockpit=FALSE HasAeroCoefficients=TRUE
  10. wow, the whole package, THANKS A LOT!!!!
  11. Can anyone , please , tell me, who exactly, here on this forum, knows to work with a 3D editor , in order to make planes for SF1/SF2 series ? I am so pissed because I can't find that plane that I am willing to pay someone to make a SU-34. If anyone is interested and want to take up my offer please PM me. Thank you!
  12. you have our support. Keep going!
  13. well today I have sad news for you. The contractor let me know that it cancellled the project for unknown reasons. That's all I can tell you. I just wanted to offer you something and I failed. I am sorry. Anyway my offer stands if anyone is wishing to take it up again.
  14. In the effect folder you have effect.ini files for missiles, rockets etc. First you must know which effect you wanna modify. Let's say the rocket effect. You look for the rocket effect.ini file and there you tweak those parameters. Some, I think are self explanatory. It's a trial /error process until you obtain the desired effect. Good luck! PS - the effect.ini files use TGA for the visual effect (in fact the visual effect is composed of the TGA files which simulate that color and form+ the game's engine which builds the 3D effect in the game which you will see). You can also modify if you know how TGA files, for afterburner effects let's say or create new ones.
  15. Sure thing man, I pass all the observations to the team. I'll be staying on station for a few more days for your feedback to relay them to the team.
  16. Thanks guys. I will pass your observations to the contractor team. Rest assure, I'll will always take into considerations your opinions. PS- I already stated that there won't be NOW, with the Su-34 release a cockpit, so Martin keep that photo for when the time will be right, in the near future. Thanks anyway.
  17. I saw on different terrains in the type ini file a lot of warships as target wating for me to destroy them (I think in STRIKE missions one can randomly have the luck to get a warship as target; I encountered one , but the model was not there so it was invisible) .But there is a problem, I don't have their LODs. I checked Download section and those warships are NOT there, with a very few exceptions (known carriers etc). Can anyone borrow his personal ground_object LODs warship collection please ? Thank you in advance
  18. Hello guys, new update/screenshot from 3D editor. Contractor let me know that they are close to the finish line. Feel free to comment and signal any mistake detected. Just click on the pics to see them full screen. Thank you.
  19. I use Baltika's version of Kamchatka. (link provided). In fact I stopped to this first version, I was satified with it and I didn't search for other Kamchatka version. I think I was misunderstood. I didn't say that ALL those ships are from Baltika's Kamchatka terrain. It's a sum of all warships I found into type.ini files, from all my SF1 terrains and I just enumerated them to make a point , because that community member asked me what I am talking about. Thanks for the links provided (I must admit, I was so eager to test the terrain, that I had a blank and didn't see all those links! I know, it's stupid). and rest assure, I won't even dare to cross you, in any way or try to anger you by modifying something that you specifically forbade. But if I will modify something by mistake or I'll do something stupid, please take into account that I am not doing this on purpose. (yeah, I know you don't care LOL). I hope you won't kill me on sight or ban me from this SF1 wonderful world... :)
  20. I don't think that enumerating warships I discovered in Type.ini files, written by others could be an infringement, could it ? I just downloaded SF1 terrains (the ones I liked), including the ones transformed for SF1, plus the Falkland_1983 which I transformed it for SF1 myself, with a lot of pain and work, for my pleasure to play in it as a hardcore SF1 environment fan. The rest, IF in them is anything changed, IS NOT my business, I just downloaded them as they already were, so presumely they were checked before they were allowed to be published by a moderator I guess, which would have absolved me or anyone of any responsability, wouldn't it ? So what do you mean ? PS - the ..actual question Kevin was: do you have them or not ? :) And if you do, would you like to share them ? :)
  21. I searched for the A-4N radar, AN/APQ-145 but I can't find what ground map radar ranges were. Can anyone help here please ? UPDATE I founded that its max range was 14,8 km. Can anyone confirm that please ?
  22. Hello folks I neeed a veteran hand here if you please. I would like to know , in order, chronologically, which A-4 had TV features (for mavericks and TV bombs), anti radar missiles and chaff/flares/ECM payload. I want that information for being exact in my A-4 files. Did it have ? I discovered also that A-4C had the first mounted radar (APG-53) which was just a surface radar,. Can anyone confirm that ? Did Argentinian A-4s (in Falklands conflict) used USAF weapons ? Thank you!
  23. Well the mistery that they don't appear in a specific terrain , is because their LODs from Ground Object folder is missing (warship files are not present) or they are not written/declared in that map's TYPES.ini file. That is why I want them... When you set a warship as cargo ship role, I noticed that warships won't appear so often as cargo ships (originals I mean) would, even if they are both set to VERY_COMMON.

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