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SF2 P/F-51D/K Mustang Pack by FastCargo

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SF2 P/F-51D/K Mustang Pack by FastCargo

SF2 P/F-51D/K Mustang Pack by FastCargo      8/7/2020

-For SF2, Any and All-

"Quarantine Approved - Essential Mods"

This is the long delayed release of the P/F-51D/K Mustang by FastCargo. This aircraft was originally built for use in the "Korean Air War" mod, circa 2011. As we'd chosen to use the stock 3W Mustang, this one was shunted aside. A little while ago, one of our CombatAce members contacted me, and asked what happened to it. So, I went ahead and finished it off. With FC's permission, it's now being released for General Usage (tm).

Originally built with (the problematic) DDS textures, the LOD has been hex edited to take jpgs. This aircraft is issued with 3 skins:

USAF1 - generic NMF, for USAAF WW2 & post-war service from 1945-1947
USAF2 - generic NMF, with post-1947 USAF markings
12th FBS, 18th FBG as used during the Korean war.

The SF2 'date switch' is used on all skins: the 12th FBS will activate in 1951.
Almost all markings are decals, excepting where needed for painted-on squadron markings (12th FBS flashes and sharkmouth). 100 serial & 'buzz number' decals are provided for WW2 and post-WW2 use, and decal randomization is TRUE. All sounds, weapons, and the pilot figure are included. The canopy operates with the Standard Animation Keystroke (tm), Shift/0 (zero).

When in-game, on the aircraft selection drip-down panel, you'll see:

F-51D/K Mustang (FC)

This will differentiate THIS model from all the other Mustangs available, both 3rd Party and Stock.
Even though the "P" wasn't changed to "F" until October, 1947, this is easier. The D/K Mustangs are identical, differing only in production location (D = Los Angeles, CA.  K = Dallas, TX) The "FC" is obviously for 'FastCargo', the Maker.

As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. It's also suggest to give the "Note" section a read as well. Just for grins and giggles, obviously.

Good Hunting!
Kevin Stein

With many thanks to Harold 'FastCargo' Saunders for permission to share with you all!!

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