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Now, I was one of those guys that doubted if the HARMs actually worked in SF2. Well, one day I decided to do a recon in an Aardvark setup with 4 HARMs. I was messing with the keyboard trying to adjust the radar settings and was hitting the wrong key. I let off 3 HARMs in 123 before I realized what I was doing. I was 66 miles out of wpt4 and was going to turn around or replay the mission. But, I decided to continue and see how long it would take until the missiles exploded. I was doing the F9 thing to check them out periodically. They were flying in formation and climbing into the stratosphere. I could see their contrails from the plane. They must have gone up to more than FL600. So, now I'm like 12 miles out of wpt4 and still checking on them when I noticed them diving (still in formation). Well surely they wouldn't have run out of fuel at the exact same time, right? Well, I guess some dumbass must have turned on the radar and all three locked on to him because I watched in amazement as all three HARMs approached the ground, and then I saw it. One lonely radar installation was totally oblivious to what was going to happen. BAM BAM BAM! Wow. That was interesting. I guess they do work. With the one I had left, I took out another radar just 15 miles away. 

After that, we should've gone home but, I noticed we were being painted by two 23s and we had two Sidewinders and a cannon. We were supersonic when we merged so I decided to play. I wish I hadn't. I got one with a Sidewinder but, the other one got our six when I was too slow. Now we are sitting in a cell having dinner. Tell my wife to give my steak to the dog. I have to settle for this burger. They actually make a great burger. Now, I know what happened to that C-130 shipment of 92% lean ground beef. 

Tell our wives we'll see them in a few years. Be careful up there!




Lt Col Robert Lee Wicker, Jr (Robot)








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