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  1. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    [ EDITED CONTENT ] This member does not wish to argue or discuss this subject any further. Please continue the discussion without his input. Thank you. [ Erik : 21:50 Zulu : Saturday, May 25, 2019 ]
  2. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    )))) you are a kind of persons who will argue in any case and never admit you're wrong . I will try to remember you and do not discuss with you anymore. One MiG-31 shoot down another with R-33, this is the fact. But you try to find fault with words, even in a language that you do not understand, trying to interpret words this way and that way. You are wrong and this is a fact too. Do not quote me please any more and so will do I. Deal? Good? Good. At at any theme, under any comments don't speak to me please. ))) You are very tedious.
  3. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    So it can be possible to shot down a wingman or not?
  4. Every time i see something beautiful and gathered closely to each other I want to cover it with bombs. Don't forget to share this
  5. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    allenphoenix1986, okay, okay, I agree with you ! Friendly fire it is impossimle between russians! Friendly fire possyble ONLY with western pilots. Russian pilots and friendly fire this is completely impossible!!!!!!!! Gepard, even russian write about this incident. But antway you are right! 2 km is a minimum operational range of R-33. Russians fly only closer one to each other. They fly only wing to wing. And for sure, missiles designed to kill bombers, especialy modern, cant hit any other aircraft. Only bombers. Even if it realised it flies to an aircraft, identyfy it, if missile see it is a fighter, it rotetes at 180 degree and fly back and after it the missile gets back to its pylon. Russian network NEVER works wrong cuz this is russians. Gepard, fallenphoenix1986 you both are right! YOU WIN THIS BATTLE! ----------------------------- К сожалению, не обошлось и без применения оружия по своим. В процессе выполнения плановых учебно-боевых стрельб на полигоне Сары-Шаган, при наведении истребителей на различные радиоуправляемые мишени было произведено поражение самолета МиГ-31 с борта другого истребителя того же полка. Версия инцидента, близкая к официальной, гласит, что причиной стало перенацеливание пущенных по мишени ракет Р-33. По версии, далекой от официальной, экипаж доложил о готовности к пуску, но при этом цель опознавалась как имеющая признак «своя» (от РЛ системы госопознавания). По рассказам офицеров, на командном пункте присутствовал высокий чин, давший команду на уничтожение цели. Экипаж повторно доложил, что цель — «своя», и снова получил приказ на уничтожение. Сняв блокировку на пуск ракет по «своим», летчик выполнил пуск (2-х или 3-х) ракет Р-33, первая попала в цель. С технологической точки зрения, мне вторая версия кажется гораздо более правдоподобной. Погиб командир экипажа, штурману отсекло пальцы руки, но он смог катапультироваться. Очевидцы рассказывали, что кресло пилота было буквально иссечено осколками. Единственное обстоятельство, в котором сходятся варианты объяснения причин, состоит в том, что были превышены заявленные характеристики комплекса вооружения МиГ-31, но ошибок наведения или действий экипажа не обнаружено. https://army-news.ru/2018/04/razmyshleniya-o-mig-31-boevoe-primenenie-i-effektivnost/
  6. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    fallenphoenix1986 I remind you the theme: MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman Theme is not "any catastrophe over the world with aircraft" And i JUST SAY that this situation COMPLETELY POSSIBLE. And i am sure it happened. And more, i have read about it at RUSSIANs sites. i dont discuss zuny blast at aircarrier, i dont discuss friendly fire at Iraq etc. And as an example, i show a fire of Ka-52. This mean that it is not a something unbelievable in Russia. It happens REGULAR in Russia.
  7. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    lets discuss than what happened in Stone Age then! If you take any point in hisory. As i said i see a tendency. I'm not going to argue with you. I know Russia, it is near me. I clearly remember USSR times. The end of USSR was exactly as it is in Russia now. You do not believe MiG-31 Shot down another MiG-31? Great! Your will)))
  8. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    Gepard, i do not do mixes. I just say about tendency. One MiG-31 shot down another it is completely possible in Russia. In Ka-52 pilot forgot to swithch off weapons, in Soyus another man forgot that no need to do holes in spaseships, SSJ-100 pilot forgot that it needs to land more safe with full fuel tanks and burned SSJ-100 with passangers... This is tendency. The state of things in Russia.
  9. I believe Su-57 will stay only in game. I think the chance is BIG. Sanktions will bury this beautiful shaped aircraft and if it happens it will be nice. ) This Aircraft is semi-dead already.
  10. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    Russian Ka-52 accidentally shoots at russian journalists. You say you do not believe. They are dangerous not only for other around them but for themselves most of all.
  11. MiG-31 Foxbat Blasts Wingman

    Gepard, i have seen this news even at russian sites. And after they shot down the their IL-20 with own missile I want to say that it is true. After the hole in a cosmic ship Soyus, after all that...
  12. SF2 CF-100 MK-4B NATO

    Oooooooohoho! There was so yummy screenshots, so i waited this aircraft too!
  13. Wrench, i said the same but more clear to new member. as i think.
  14. and another important moment.. if you start with NAVY only aircraft for example, Su-33 or F-4A, or F-4B, or F-4J and the Theater which you run has ocean or sea you will start at an aircarier anyway. To fly from land you need to chose Su-27, or F-4C, or F-4D etc.

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