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  1. i just want to say that real Su-30 is not the same than real Su-30SM. This is different aircrafts and differents not only in canards. But you saying to me about distance in game. Only the way is to wait that somebody do and share Su-30SM
  2. Rename not texture but model and folder of canards. for example, you have in your aircraft data file [Canards] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT Position=0.0,0.0,0.0 PilotModelName=FakePilot SeatModelName=Su30SMCanards <----------------------------- SeatPosition=0.0,1.9,0.47 SeatID=2 Copy from your Pilots folder folder Su30SMCanards and rename it for example Su30SMCanards2 and go into this folder and rename ini, lod and out files. recolor your bitmaps. go into SU-30MKI and in datafile fix [Canards] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT Position=0.0,0.0,0.0 PilotModelName=FakePilot SeatModelName=Su30SMCanards2 <----------------------------- SeatPosition=0.0,1.9,0.47 SeatID=2 copy your new Su30SMCanards2 folder into Pilots folder I did it for myself some years ago. But i deleted it from my Mod Folder. This canards itself do not do the Su-30 to a Su-30SM these aircraft is to different and not only canards. i an its seen even from distance. I do not use them at all. It is better to wait till somebody will do Su-30SM and upload it. The chance is not 0%
  3. The Ultimate Paper Airplane

    If he could be a 3d modeller on combatace we'd have a lot of detailed aircraft. Its a pity he is not a 3d modeller here. But he is cool. I am impressed.
  4. Best of 2018 in the Mach-loop, Low-Level Flying

    I always watch F-15 and always think that aircraft can't be done by human. its made by Gods! Very beautiful
    Thanx, very interesting map. Good quality.
  5. Bit the big one!

    All we have personal preferences working on computer. In times Windows 7 I didnt turn off PC AT ALL! It was up time by month without turning off. it always was doing something, rendering, playing youtube, showing and recording TV programs, reading mp3 books. I forgot about blue scrin of death that times. i forgot about reloading. i forgot about backing up my work files. All changed with Windows 10 Home. It need reloads like... like Windows 98! And in Windows 10 HOME i googled a lot of time, i tried modify Reg, i tryed to use many Updatekillers, all that useless for Windows HOME. i do not say that Windows 10 is a bad system, i just said that Windows 10 HOME it is EVIL! Any other windows but HOME edition is good i think.
  6. Bit the big one!

    As to Windows 10 Home. You doing something. You doing something long time, phoitoshop or else, or you playing. Windows write to you "so i am updated and i need to restart!" you click "later", and continue playing. After some time its again "i am updated and i need to restart!" you click "later". you are playing and windowas write "i do not care what are you doing, i will restart myself" and begins to restart. You are siting and thinking, who is main it this room, me or Windows 10? And there is no way to turn this off on Home edition. It is rare now. but year befor it was wery often and was killing my psychik.
  7. Bit the big one!

    Ооооор! you play MicropRose Tank Patoon 2 too? You toched the strings of my soul. I am so sentimental today)) It runs perfect on PCEMv14. No crashes, no lag, no artifact. This is not stupid virtualmachine kinda useless VMware or else, this is virtual PC! After it runs your computer begins to think that he is.... Pentium II MMX! With Voodoo 2! And you can install Windows 98 on it for example if you have its CD. and play TP2 without patches, miracles and other things. Video is not mine, just have found it in internet to show how it looks like. Sorry for offtop. Youtube link - How to Install Windows 98 on PCEM V11
  8. Bit the big one!

    Oh my goshhhh!!!! Oh my gosh...... It means you will use Windows 10 now? Oh boy... You will past this way alone without any help i think and it will be full of sorrow and pain. I can only send you a hug to support you a little. Sorry for offtop. 2200$ ? Enough for any adequate machine. i play on Intel Core i7 7700HQ Kaby Lake, RAM 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB GDDR5 and it was price about 900$. I can plays on this machine Tomb Rader, Falout 4 Far Cry Primal etc. on High Graphics without troubles. But if you like to play Tank Platoon 2, Armored Fist 2, Comanche 4, DID EF2000, DID F-22 on Windows 10 it is a pain... i Use DOS BOX for it and PCEMv14. It works on Windows 10, DOS BOX i mean. SF2 works on Windows 10
  9. So... delete 2 files: MAPENEMYICON.TGA HUDDATA.INI here c:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\ThirdWire\yourmodname\Flight\ and thats all folks
  10. From my huddata ini [HUDLabels] EnableLabels=TRUE LabelFriendlyAir=TRUE LabelFriendlyGround=TRUE LabelEnemyAir=TRUE LabelEnemyGround=TRUE [MapLabels] EnableLabels=TRUE LabelFriendlyAir=TRUE LabelFriendlyGround=TRUE LabelEnemyAir=TRUE LabelEnemyGround=TRUE you can just delete it too and game wil use default file. back up if you want.
  11. have you this file in your MOD folder "MAPENEMYICON.TGA"? Just delete it.
  12. never change things here in game folder! Only in mod folder!
  13. The meaning is that game looks for files first at folder with MOD and find HUDDATA.INI in mod folder and use it. if gme do not find this file it begins to use default HUDDATA.INI builded in game engine. And if you do not see at some mods enemy aircrafts, trully they are at a map, but they are "transparent". Modmaker did file transparent and puted it in his modfolder. So you can just delete the "HUDDATA.INI" and that transparent aircraf icon in your modfolder and game will use own default files.

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