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  1. I do not know how it in GIMP but in Photoshop i do: 1. load layer with aircraft seams 2. new layer over seams with gray background 3. add filter "noise" on gray layer 4. add filter "blur" after noise 5. Change layer method from "Normal" to "Overlay"! This is importantest step. 6. with "eraser" instrument i clean in some places to do dirt less regular. Change opacity of your brush about 50-30%.
  2. May be you need to download "FakePilot" and place it in your mod folder in \Objects\Pilots\ Have you this thing in your Polots folder?
  3. The Eternal Zero

    They shoot with lasers) Like in The Star Wars. Zero and Mustang. My favorite aircrafts.
  4. Senator John McCain dies at age 81

    Snailman i wish your Putler hadn't involved in world politics. Especially not in Ukraine and I wish he gone as soon as possible. McCain did a lot for peace in the world, espesialy for Ukraine. Rest in peace dear friend.
  5. and knowledge. This is interesting is there in the world a tutorial or document how to do DATA.ini files. No need modeling tutorials, i can do it but data files. i already did bombs and missiles, and i took data from other weapons. it flys, blows, working nice. But i have no idea how to make aircraft model live. What to do after LOD exporting i have no idea.
  6. CH-118 Iroquois. SF2.

    Super Duper! Great quality. Detailed mesh, nice cocpit. Thanx.
  7. Senator John McCain dies at age 81

    R.I.P. hero. Very sad news.
  8. Opinions please

    Looks nice. I 'd like to fly over and throw some bombs on it. Funny pictures.
  9. SF2 USAF F-35 redux

    I was waiting for this your work since i have seen at the forum. thanx
  10. i want to believe it reach our MOD folders someday))
  11. F-16 Demo flight cockpit view

    Cool, in Gripen you can watch 3 TV channel at once! Best F-16 video i have ever seen ))
  12. daddyairplanes, cuz it do not show decals. I do a lot of work placing decals. Many aircrafts have isues in theit UV grids, wich can be masked that way. i write this in order to warn. May be it is critical for somebody
  13. if I run Photoshop and SF2 together, my computer with Windows 10 freezes. it's uncomfortable when you draw skin. If you forgot to save you loose your work. I leave Windows 7 as second system. First Eagles works very slow and badly on Windows 10 unable to play
  14. Northrop's F-5F Ejection Seat

    Where can i get the skin?

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