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  1. wrong flying data. Copy data from kinda of missile and change everything for Harpoon missile. Copy, i know.... from exsoset ASM for example. From missile which works. Change Mass, Explosives, MinLaunchRange, MaxLaunchRange, Duration corresponding to Harpoon. And set WeaponDataType=7 GuidanceType=7 these is right GuidanceType data for Harpoon
  2. PZH-2000

    Thank You for sharing. Useful stuff, very actual.
  3. Has anyone tried to create a nation and add it to both sides?
  4. He wants the airliners to fly and not be targeted by anyone. If they are friendly, then the opposite side will shoot them down anyway. On the one hand, this is superfluous, because during a big war no one in their right mind will fly on a civilian plane over the battlefield, but on the other hand, neutral planes fly in low-intensity wars. Coud be nice to have a way to make civilian aircrafts neutral.
  5. Kuwait getting the Baykar TB 2 drones

    Welcom to Bayraktar club! I wait for Kuwait skin)
  6. Thrustmaster T-Flight X HOTAS . i Use it for SF2. Simple and cheap. Can't say that I recommend it. I'm just used to playing SF2 with this joystick. I have 3 joisticks for different games but i think it makes no sense to take them out now and check it out what is written on the bottom of them, because they are already out of production anyway.
  7. you owe nothing to anyone. I was just joking
  8. I want 2 things from this mod. 1. to play it ASAP 2. to kill as many pigs as it possible in the bay, I beliewe there will be a lot of them
  9. Congratulation! That's one small step for mankind, one giant leap for beeing a modder. REMEMBER! Now you have to make us new planes, new skins and new maps. You took it upon yourself to make modifications for all of us.
  10. For our part of the globe Facbook is about to be dead after a while. he's still in fibrillation arrhythmia , in convulsions, but on the heart rate monitor there's already a flat line and peeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. Facebook is not the best place in the wiorld i agree. i stoped using it some years ago when it began quickly and rapidly roll into shit. I use it only because of the messenger, which many people still use.
  12. and find and replace this in data. ini it needs to be // Crew --------------------------------------------------------- [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT Position=0.0000,5.879,1.52 PilotModelName=Red7001 SeatModelName= SeatPosition=0.00,4.239,0.84 MinExtentPosition=-0.25, 5.91,-0.20 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25, 6.99, 0.92 HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=GLASS Armor[FRONT].Thickness=62 CanopyNodeName=g [Pilot1] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT Position=0.0000,4.504,1.78 PilotModelName=Red7001 SeatModelName= SeatPosition=0.00,4.239,0.84 MinExtentPosition=-0.25, 5.91,-0.20 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25, 6.99, 0.92 CanopyNodeName=Obj_000035
  13. and reinstall cockpit. take it here.
  14. Find wingstations where these pods are l;oaded at *_LOADOUT.INI file open *_DATA.ini file, search that weapon wingstations with this numbers and edit coordinates StationID=13 StationID=14 as i remember but i am not sure. end edit walues AttachmentPosition= X.Y.Z bigger value uper position smaller lower

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