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  1. this happens because at the time of the release of his plane the author is so foxed up that he makes mistakes and typos. He wants to quickly share his work and forget about it. Dumbness is nothing at all.
  2. Sikorsky AH-60L BattleHawk

    What can i say! O-MY-GOSH! This is not a hellicopter this is a DREAM! I believe it is nice beginning to all other types of Black Hawks and other its variants. Super-Duper.
  3. Place pivot point of main object (for example Fuselage) at 0, 0, 0 coordinate. x must be in x direction y in y z in z. All other nodes link to fuselage or to parent. all nodes have to be linked and have right directions of its pivot points
  4. .... so stay tuned :good:

  5. JJ-2 pack

    i like 2 siters. cool skins
  6. J-2 pack

  7. Decals

    ahh.. i think i understand. Your decal must be rounded with transoparent pixels. no one pixel have to touch the edge of a decal, but transparent.
  8. Decals

    i am not sure what do you mean "bleed", but if model in one piese, decals plases.. mm.. for example if you place on left cide, it places on every left mesh of the part like deck of cards. if it happens you need to fix 3d model cutting off the place where to place decal to apart linked object. i think its only thje way but i can be wrong
  9. Tiger is beautiful in itsd ugliness. Its always nice to have it in any game
  10. Firefox browser

    Oh gosh.. So tragical adventures.. i use many years Firefox Portable Developer ed. with all bookmarks and profiles in Firefox folder. No need to instal or something.
  11. BC-304 Daedalus-Class Battlecruiser

    Dogfighting against them among all these nuclear blasts is very funny. Not perfect but ts the best what if mod. tnks for sharin.
  12. If you have 2 monitors turn off one on Win 10 before playing SF2 or game will crash on most interesting place.
  13. Civilian Airliners and SAM Defenses Discussion.

    all this IFF then QRA work only when your government in your country are normal and have adequate brain. if govenments are thieves and "monkey" with granade all technology do not work. i personaly seen how (pro)russian paramilitary troops shoot at comercial An-24 in 2014 y at Ukraine. The missile missed. i thought oh my god! they ll kill pessenger aircraft sooner or later. and they did. The same in Iran i see.

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