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  1. Reinstalling is useless cuz game not changes own files. Only in mod folders. The problem with fuel is most often in the ini file in the engine section and in the fuel section. Some aircraft can fly on afterburner for tens of minutes so this is common issue. I did not install this plane, so I can’t say anything about the TMF F-14. The only thing I can say for sure is that you don’t need to waste time on reinstallation.
  2. The game is a little unfinished. After initial success, the latest installment of the game did not live up to monetary expectations and the developer stopped supporting it. The guided weapon thus remained unfinished. So I advise you to play in the time period from 60 to mid-80s. All other aircraft and weapons are just for collection. Consider these as collectibles. The game will never be completed, but in those time periods it is a very good game
  3. Yes and its easy to use. But........ all we cnow that its problem in the game. AI do not drop any smart bombs but only freefall bombs. Personally, I made a version of guided bombs for myself, converting them into dumb ones in one click. I want to throw them myself, I use one settings, I want AI to throw them and I use other. A very useful program for quickly replacing files and returning them to their original state. I did the same for AHM missiles to convert them into SAHM and back
  4. As to JDAM. Lets look at its .ini look at this string. its mean that from your aircrafty to your target must be less than 15000 meters if to draw a stright line. But if you will be too close it will miss cuz MaxTurnRate=3.000000 and other data will start work when JDAM try to correct its path. the height and speed should also be enough. It is best to drop it from a high height at high speed and from afar.
  5. The first thing you need to do is unpack all the ini files from the game. Next, you will use your favorite text editor, and in it you will search in all unpacked files and automatically replace the years of service expiration. Nobody thought that the game would be played in 2020, which is why all dates end in 2020. Everything needs to be replaced by 2040. Or 2070, if you are an optimist. After this comes the most tedious and boring step. You need to put all the ini files in their own places in the mod folder. It’s better not to immediately overwrite an already installed mod, but test it on a vanilla game. So you need to fix everything in the GroundObject, Aircraft, Weapons folders. This will be your template for all modifications of the vanilla game. Before installing any mod that assumes military action after 2020, take this template as a basis. Install the modification on top of this template. Change the dates again in the modification. Just be careful every time you press the Replace button. It’s very easy to ruin a modification in one click! Also pay attention that you need the program save all ini files only in ANSI or Unicode ONLY!! Otherwise, the game will stop working. Do the same thing with Weapon Packs. You need to change ExportEndYear=2020 to 2040 , EndYear=2020 to 2040/ Search and replace. Try to run. nex step. Terrains. Missions. etc. search and replace. But be carefull and backup!
  6. SF2 F3D-2/EF-10B Skyknight by Coyote Aerospace

    More Animation Keys need to be added to the nose landing gear doors. This is a beautiful model. I like it.
  7. SF2 F3D-2/EF-10B Skyknight by Coyote Aerospace

    One of the most beautiful old school planes
  8. I've always played flight simulators. Since 1998. My favorites are Falcon 4.0 (FreeFalcon, OpenFalcon, BMS) FSX, FS2004. But I like Strike Fighters 2 because it's easy to mod. Modifying games, not only SF2, is my hobby. It calms my nerves. I love modifying while listening to music or watching a movie on the second display. For me this game mostley is not for playing, but rather as a collection of airplanes. Its too.. to arcade. No matter what game I start playing, after 20-40 minutes I already want to change something. I turn off a game and start looking through resources or seeing what I can add. The first game I started modding was Tank Platoon 2 in 1998
  9. I love ugly aircrafts and iL-20 one of my favorite. Thank you for checking SAS for aircrafts and updates. Good found
  10. Automation!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!! I think MultiRes will stamp ugly monsters from original model and anyway we need to reduce weight and details of the model by hand. But looking at other old reduced LODs... why not. Thanks! Thanks to LOKO for his time, thank you for sharing!!
  11. It's not about the game, it's about some of the planes. If I'm not mistaken, it is impossible to use up all the fuel in to dry one of the F-35s for example. This is due to an error in the ini file of the plane. You will often encounter errors that are small but annoying. The most common mistake that bothers me is the discrepancy between the fall of the rockets and the target marker. I have to fix almost every plane which i want to fly CAS. You will have to get used to the fact that you need to constantly fix something, even in a vanilla game this is the price for modifiability.
  12. If I understand you correctly, then you want to make another plane from the standard aircraft model, which is already in the vanilla game, by hiding parts in ini files and adding a fake pilot, and you want to know whether just a link to the LOD of the model will work, then the answer is yes. You can do this, and then you can post it here to share with us. For examole look at this aircraft Its made from vanila standart F-16A_Netz and in iniu have a link on the LOD [LOD001] Filename=F-16A_Netz.LOD
  13. and download this tools. our big friend mue made very useful programs for editing and watching maps\aircrafts. you can plase targets, ships etc https://combatace.com/profile/52028-mue/content/?type=downloads_file need some practice

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