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  1. Thank you, everyone. I just tried it out and it works. I don't know why I didn't see that in the instructions. Now, I've also changed the annoying cockpit sound to something I like better. It's very fun to fly now.
  2. I can't see any radar info on the lower display. If I have the corner box, it's there but, I don't fly with the boxes.
  3. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    I've noticed the wing sweep gauge is modeled off of the IAS instead of the Mach.
  4. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    Damn, I can't seem to get this to work! The planes fly but, the radar doesn't show up as it should. I can't target anything. It's as if I have to have a RIO but, I can't find the GIB cockpit.
  5. So, I've learned how to fly successful missions using hard fuel settings. I guess the sim models fuel load effects. I've started waiting until the entire wing is up before going to cruising speed. It takes minutes for number four to lift off but, if I pull up on the runway, I can get them all in position so it doesn't take so long. Now, I have to figure out what to use to attack enemy battle groups at sea. I don't think using GBUs to sink ships is going to be productive. I can't believe this oversight. No Harpoons? Really?
  6. No! No! I had to wait 6 months to save up enough to get the package. Add to that, me buying SF2 Europe to determine if it would run on my system. I think you should do the same.
  7. Well, I did it! I spent the money on the whole package. I'm so glad I didn't spend almost $40 on SF2 NA. It only has one Tomcat and a Corsair II. I think it's well worth it to get SF2 in all versions. I really miss playing WOV. Now, what's up with that non-steering nose wheel thing? I can't believe I actually got the Tomcat back on the deck on the first try! I got a lot of practice with US Navy Fighters back in the day. I forgot to check if the glove vanes work. I will have to check if DLC is modeled. I got up to Mach 1.74 @ FL270 while intercepting a MiG-23 with a big ASM on board. I had to get close because I didn't think to load the Phoenix. There is still that bingo Fuel problem but, I have a theory on that. I'm thinking I need to wait for the pack to catch up because they burn all of their fuel trying to gather up. I'm having bingo calls while I still have external fuel.
  8. Man, I'm really wanting to pull the trigger on this. The only problem is, I now have Stage 3 Heart Failure and I'd hate to have someone find me dead with my stick in my hand.
  9. Pacific War In Colour.

    Are you talking about WWII in HD on Netflix?
  10. EA-18 FA-18 Launch HARM SLAM-ER JSOW

    Thinking about it now, I don't think I had a cannon or might have gotten the second 23.
  11. EA-18 FA-18 Launch HARM SLAM-ER JSOW

    Now, I was one of those guys that doubted if the HARMs actually worked in SF2. Well, one day I decided to do a recon in an Aardvark setup with 4 HARMs. I was messing with the keyboard trying to adjust the radar settings and was hitting the wrong key. I let off 3 HARMs in 123 before I realized what I was doing. I was 66 miles out of wpt4 and was going to turn around or replay the mission. But, I decided to continue and see how long it would take until the missiles exploded. I was doing the F9 thing to check them out periodically. They were flying in formation and climbing into the stratosphere. I could see their contrails from the plane. They must have gone up to more than FL600. So, now I'm like 12 miles out of wpt4 and still checking on them when I noticed them diving (still in formation). Well surely they wouldn't have run out of fuel at the exact same time, right? Well, I guess some dumbass must have turned on the radar and all three locked on to him because I watched in amazement as all three HARMs approached the ground, and then I saw it. One lonely radar installation was totally oblivious to what was going to happen. BAM BAM BAM! Wow. That was interesting. I guess they do work. With the one I had left, I took out another radar just 15 miles away. After that, we should've gone home but, I noticed we were being painted by two 23s and we had two Sidewinders and a cannon. We were supersonic when we merged so I decided to play. I wish I hadn't. I got one with a Sidewinder but, the other one got our six when I was too slow. Now we are sitting in a cell having dinner. Tell my wife to give my steak to the dog. I have to settle for this burger. They actually make a great burger. Now, I know what happened to that C-130 shipment of 92% lean ground beef. Tell our wives we'll see them in a few years. Be careful up there! Sincerely, Lt Col Robert Lee Wicker, Jr (Robot)
  12. One more thing on this topic. If the game is limited to 4GB because of 32-bit, I still think there would be an advantage to having more ram because when other things are going on in the system, it shouldn't steal memory from the that which is allocated to the game. I remember having to make sure my browser didn't have a bunch of tabs open to get good framerates when I only had 4 GB. Now, I have 16 GB and I can have 10 browser tabs open and even my DAW loaded and I get amazing framerates still. That being said, using that one dude's cloud enhancement slowed me down quite a bit. In FSX-SE, I can have full clouds and almost full traffic and I get my minimum 26 FPS. I try to stick to no more than 30 FPS because I thought humans could only process 24 as they said in the film industry. To me, 60-120 FPS is overkill unless we're talking about having room for overhead when things get really intense.
  13. Now, it would really be cool if the entire flight could re-arm and re-fuel. It would also be cool if you could do it at the forward airbases.
  14. USAAF WWII Fighter Pilot Gunnery

    It's so hard to hit moving targets using the targeting reticle on the Phantom II. It seems to be quite a bit inaccurate. I think I've read that this was more of a problem with the gun pods because of the way they were mounted.
  15. My decision has been made. 2nd Lt. Coe has been reassigned to flying rubber dog poop to Hong Kong. What an idiot! How can he be the only Phantom driver to not use any weapons on a fighter sweep? He SUCKS! He's flown as my wing several times and I've directed him to attack incoming aggressors only to have him call out Bingo Fuel. Unbelievable! What's the deal with calling bingo with 12270 pounds of internal fuel just 172 miles from waypoint 8?

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