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I purchased SF2 Vietnam recently, and have installed the  Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam Air and Ground Expansion Pack, additional aircraft, skins, the works.

I am now on the hunt for campaigns to add.  I already downloaded and added some.  Obviously, Steel Tiger and Easter Offensive were already included, and I have also added:

USN VF-111 Sundowners F-8D Second Combat Tour (1965)

USN VA-22 Fighting Redcocks A-4C First Combat Tour (1965)

USN VA-23 Black Knights A-4E First Combat Tour (1965).


Okay, allow me to get to my point.


The campaigns seem to cover either the very beginning in 1965, or in 1972, close to the end. 

Any campaigns that we know of that cover other times periods?  1966-1971, that time period? 

Are any to be found here on Combatace.com?  I went through those, and the three above are the ones I found. 

Any other sites have additional campaigns?

As my introduction to SF 2 Vietnam is very recent, there's a lot I don't know.  Any fingers pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. 

Stay cool.







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Rolling Thunder should run up to mid or near end of 1968.

Steel Tiger was an interdiction campaign in Laos that was also up to 1968.

Line Backer 1 and 2 were the other major air wars like Rolling Thunder during the the US involvement and the game was more suited to that type of environment.


Outside of that there were other interdiction campaigns like on the Trail such as Commando Hunt or the Cambodia incursion in 71 but not sure if anyone did campaigns without looking. Yankee Air Pirate covered most of Vietnam mission set better than the campaign engine could do it.

Likewise if you have the mission editor you can create your own historical missions that are better than what the campaign can do where it comes to CAS etc.








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