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Hi all, We have released a new patch V1.02 for WOFF BH&H II.

WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG: Version 1.02   14 April 2021

1) Log books should now display the training flights correctly.
2) Varied the range of tree sizes.
3) Fixed a Winter Grassland MOS issue.
4) Increased the volume of player bullet hit sounds and reduced the external volume.
5) Time advance flight simulation 'casualties' should now be accounted for correctly.
6) Fixed some duplicate airfields and some missing airfields in global layers: - 1914; 1918; 1918+4; 1918+9; 1918+11.
7) New Feature: Implemented cockpit shake when guns are firing.
8) Fixed an issue with Auto Enlistment that would sometimes terminate in a blank screen.
9) Fixed an issue that would sometimes render a 'pilot in training' already set to autopilot at mission start, in     Quick Combat and Quick Scenario.
10) Fixed an issue that prevented mission replay from working on non-English OS's.
11) Aircraft model fixes ; 
- Albatros D.I  extra rigging wire removed from cockpit view.
- BE2c variants small visual issue with rigging fixed.
- SPAD XIII, removed vibration from Altimeter, improved filler cap in cockpit view, other minor fixes.
Please see the WOFF BH&H II downloads section on our website.

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