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BAT 4.1.3 released for il2 46!

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Latest version of BAT-features the two newest bombers for the sim-the Vulcan and the b-36;Also includes a North Vietnam map redux beta.



-Reno Nevada - update, including Fallon airbase (Tom)

-BB_North_Vietnam_51st  - different (original?) layout with slightly different airfields and SA-sites, with VPMedia texturing
 comes in additional slot, chose your poison.

-North Vietnam redux (rework WIP beta) by Geschirrspülmaschine19

This map, although not yet completely finished, is already a most amazing upgrade for this big map. It therefore replaces the old one and will be updated along the way.


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Mirage 2000

- 1C: Maddox Games: IL-2
Mirage III pack:
- Tango: Original 3d of IAI-Dagger
- Ranwers: Original 3d of Mirage III, Cockpit and conversion of Dagger into IAI Kfir C2
- Edlor: 3d modifications in IAI Nesher/Dagger
- mm: Skins
- Max: Skins
- Dreamk: Weapons
- Western: Weapons
- Benitomuso: FM debug tools
- Vega: fm and Java
- SAS~S3 - nose gears for F4
- Ton - Suphook for L-139N
Mirage 2000:
- SAS~vampire_pilot: skin as default:
- snd-73: Slot and classes
- Bison_M: a little bit of 3D plane (hier.him)
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