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F-15A 1980s Skinpack for stock 3W Eagles

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F-15A 1980s Skinpack for stock 3W Eagles

        F-15A 1980s Skinpack for the Stock 3W Eagles

This semi historical mod tweeks the stock Third Wire units and adds the Fighter Interceptor Squadrons

The mod includes tail, unit and nose markings for 17 F-15A squadrons (plus two later sets for the FISs) as operated during the 1980s.

I say this is a semi historical mod. To save myself research time, it uses modified TW serials. the numbers are the same, i just reduced the opacity to fit the look of the markings better.

Objects folder with needed Aircraft and Decal folders

StrikeFighters2: Europe for the stock F-15


unzip. move  objects folder to the mod folder of your choice. allow overwrites if needed (shouldnt be any but in case,)


TW:         original serial number, F-15 squadron tail, and innner tail tga, textures
daddyairplanes:    upscaling, tweeking, and opacity reduction of TW unit markings, new markings, skin folders by unit, and conversion of texture from bmp to jpg

i hope you enjoy this simple little mod. It satarted with me taking a look in my old mod folders, prior to loading up new installs
i didnt like what i saw, so i changed it. But maybe you will like this addition too.

Kevin Unruh
aka daddyairplanes
Jun 2021


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