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Hi all,

28 October 2021:    A new update to V1.17 is available for WOFF BH&H II. -which provides some superb new improvements.
The improved visuals from new trees, terrain, lighting, updated clouds and more are well worth updating to!

Please see the WOFF BH&H II  download page on our website for more information.


Version 1.17

1) Jasta 66 is now enabled and playable.
2) Revised Scenery Trees and Textures - all seasons, and all snow cover options.
3) Revised Scenery Lighting
4) Revised Scenery Object distance details
5) Revised Terrain Texture Quality settings and Scenery Density settings to improve FPS.
NOTE: Revised Scenery and Terrain Texture detail controls 1 to 5 in Workshops

The Terrain Quality (texture sharpness) and the Scenery Density (objects on the terrain) have been revised for WOFF 1.17.

The controls now give a better ability to more finely tune and optimise the scenery and terrain to get maximum FPS with the best visual eye candy possible.

Good starting points on a reasonably good PC are Terrain Quality 2 or 3 and Scenery Density 3 or 4,   - 5 now being for very good GPUs 3080 or better.

6) Revised Clouds, Textures, and Lighting.

This patch of course also includes all the previous updates




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