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Scrolling through all planes?

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Could someone tell me how I can view individual planes as in "cycling through them" one by one?  I mean, putting the flight on auto, and then looking at all other planes in flight or on ground.

I remember being able to do this in the past, but I just can not recall what/how to do it!

I thought it was an individual key stroke, but if so, I can't find it.


Peace to all.

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Two main ways,  one bring up the TAC, then select a target, then cycle your view to  player/target  - and then you can toggle that view  between you and the target or vice versa.

Section 22 of the WOFF BH&H II FAQ document (see support page on main website) for more details.

Or use the experimental Observer mode.  "J" key by default.  You may see oddities with this but see section 24 of the FAQ.


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MANY THANKS!  I will check it out.

"J" - that was the key! :-)

THANKS and peace - except in the Air War, of course!

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