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Latest Screenshots 10/24/02

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Posted this on LOMAC general board but thought I'd do the same here as well:

I see everyone saying how awesome these screenshots are, but somewone please correct me if I'm wrong.



I personally love the 1st one....nice, crisp, clear picture like the rest of LOMAC screenies....


The night shots however made me spend several minutes pondering if I had a graphics card problem. Where I think should be nice rounded (but darken by night) camo skins are blocks with square edges...like someone lowered the jpg quality down to 2% because they were running outta web space. I rebooted my system...and compared the night screenies to the famous F16 screenie over the ocean sunset. DAMN, that shot looks great.


IMHO, either I need to correct an error on my end, or LOMAC has, for the first time, dissapointed me with the graphic quality of this game?


What's goin on?

Concerned Cheers



As you have seen from the screenshots, they do have some nice effects, like Hud visibility and formation lights, but the overall pic leaves alot to be desired...I'm I the only one that see this?

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I think they might have made a mistake releasing these shots, but not for the reason you might think.


I though the same thing at first glance, but if you look at the shots, they are only testing pointlight-sourcing, it was never meant to by a money shot. If you look there is no background/ambience, just a plain shot of the aircraft/light-sources. In other words, a test shot. :D I don't even think it's an in-game shot, more of a "live" rendering. Am I making any sense here?? :lol:


The trouble is, I think most people are going to look at these and think "hey, these don't look very good" and forget the part about them being early alpha test shots of light-sourcing.

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