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Need help making a decision about my HOTAS

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So I bought a Warthog HOTAS whilst furloughed in 2020...I had been looking at upgrading my venerable TM HOTAS X and had narrowed it down to the Warthog and the X56 (VKB and Virpil were too expensive). I basically went with the Warthog as it was the first to come into stock...Im not a serious simmer btw

Now whilst I used it for a while after purchase I havent used it nearly as much as i should have, and after getting a new, smaller, desk i noticed what when using Monstertech desk mounts the stiff centering spring is actually shaking my desk and monitors and im worried that something may break.

So i thought about spending a bit of money to fix the situation...get a new spring (may end up breaking the joystick), converting the desk mount to a chair mount (I have a small room to it may get in the way a bit)...in the end i decided it might be the best idea to sell the HOTAS and downgrade to the X56 and not pay any money.

So ive put  the Warthog on ebay but now im having second thoughts, do i really want to downgrade for free or should i shell out a bit of cash to try and live with the Warthog...and then i thought about upgrading, just selling the Warthog base and getting a Virpil base and using the Warhog grip.

As I said above, I am not a super serious simmer so probably wouldnt notice the shortcomings of downgrading but as I am out of work atm I really need to consider if its worth paying more to keep the Warthog or upgrade it.

Let me know your thought below, hopefully they will help me make up my mind

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