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  1. Falcon BMS 4.36 Released

    Do we need to uninstall 4.35 or can we just install this over it?
  2. I know there are plenty of communities for specific flight and space sims but are there any multi genre/game communities that cover both...where you can chat and play with all sorts of flight stick fiddlers...be it in F-16s or X-wings.
  3. So I bought a Warthog HOTAS whilst furloughed in 2020...I had been looking at upgrading my venerable TM HOTAS X and had narrowed it down to the Warthog and the X56 (VKB and Virpil were too expensive). I basically went with the Warthog as it was the first to come into stock...Im not a serious simmer btw Now whilst I used it for a while after purchase I havent used it nearly as much as i should have, and after getting a new, smaller, desk i noticed what when using Monstertech desk mounts the stiff centering spring is actually shaking my desk and monitors and im worried that something may break. So i thought about spending a bit of money to fix the situation...get a new spring (may end up breaking the joystick), converting the desk mount to a chair mount (I have a small room to it may get in the way a bit)...in the end i decided it might be the best idea to sell the HOTAS and downgrade to the X56 and not pay any money. So ive put the Warthog on ebay but now im having second thoughts, do i really want to downgrade for free or should i shell out a bit of cash to try and live with the Warthog...and then i thought about upgrading, just selling the Warthog base and getting a Virpil base and using the Warhog grip. As I said above, I am not a super serious simmer so probably wouldnt notice the shortcomings of downgrading but as I am out of work atm I really need to consider if its worth paying more to keep the Warthog or upgrade it. Let me know your thought below, hopefully they will help me make up my mind
  4. Ok i must be being really dense as I cant see an options.ini file anywhere...is it meant to be in the main folder with all the various EXE files or somewhere else? EDIT: oh its IN the saved games folder....that doesnt make sense, shouldnt there be something in the main game folder that points to the save game folder?
  5. Is it worth trying to sell my Warthog HOTAS here?

    Ok just incase anyone else might be interested here is the ebay link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304364262831 I will reduce the price if someone want a private sale, need to cover the ebay fees
  6. Is it worth trying to sell my Warthog HOTAS here?

    No worries...ebay it is
  7. Is it worth trying to sell my Warthog HOTAS here?

    I have decided I am selling this if you are interested?
  8. Just wondering as i need to make some room and was wondering if i could move the file to a different drive and make the game see the new location?
  9. Is it worth trying to sell my Warthog HOTAS here?

    Ok ive just done a quick look on Royal Mail and postage in the UK is just under £30 for Special Delivery with £500 insurance Although I may have to send the mounting plates and covers separately, because whilst i do have both the original box and posting box the extras wont fit, so lets say another £4-9 to cover that postage.
  10. Is it worth trying to sell my Warthog HOTAS here?

    Bought it in late 2020, have the box and paperwork (i think), probably put less than 20 hours on it. It does have a few mods, I switched the Slew 'knob' for an analog stick and got a 2nd afterburner indent piece to make it a push through detent. I have both the original pieces. I would also include the 2 Monstertech mounting plates (just the plates, not the whole mount) and 2 dust covers. I was thinking around £300 plus postage or £350 including postage as i havent looked into shipping costs yet but this can be worked out later As i said, ive not decided 100% that im selling it and wanted to know if my is pricing reasonable? I have no idea as they go for £200 - £400 on ebay
  11. Or should i stick to ebay? I think i may need to move on my Warthog and I was wondering if its worth posting here somewhere or am i better off using ebay? Im in the UK near London btw
  12. Is there a definitive list of every pc flight sim?

    My first was probably Strike Eagle 2 on the Amiga, I still have the box with all the disks and manuals
  13. Is there a definitive list of every pc flight sim?

    Ok, just made up a list between wikipedia and myabandonware (and my PC) and i own, owned or played (via demo or other PC) 57 flight sims and or games: Probably i few i missed or dont remember but thats still quite a list that doesnt even include the current MSFS My Flight Sims.xls
  14. Is there a definitive list of every pc flight sim?

    Erm is this a reply to my post? Only I don't understand
  15. Just wondering as the best places I have found is Wikipedia and myabandonware and I'm sure they don't have everything I want to make a list of every sim I've played in the last 30 years

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