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  1. So i decided, as much as i love my Warthog, its not the best stick for every situation, so i bought myself a really cheap joystick (Speedlink Phantom Hawk) for games like space sims and arcade sims like Ace Combat and Project Wingman. Trouble is i cant get it to work with Project Wingman which is free on gamepass, the game doesnt even seem to see the joystick despite Windows, and other games, seeing it fine. So did anyone else have issues with Project Wingman and their joystick?
  2. Is the DCS F-16 worth buying if I have BMS?

    Hmm, thanks for the replies. Are there any good articles/videos comparing the BMS Viper to the DCS one?
  3. Or should i focus on other modules like the F/a-18 or the upcoming AH64 or Eurofighter?
  4. So I keep looking at the higher tiers of War Thunder, with their Phantoms and other nice jets and I wonder if its worth grinding them out. I know its not a proper sim but neither is SF2. War Thunder does look better but what is the complexity level compared to SF2?
  5. So i have DCS, BMS and Strike Fighters (and am aware of Tacpac for P3D) but I was wondering if there are any other modern combat sims that I am unaware of?
  6. DI's Apache Longbow on Win 10?

    In my ongoing retro kick I grabbed a big box version of Digital Intergration's Apache Longbow and Hind. Both installed fine on Windows 10 and whilst Hind runs fine in compatability mode I get this error with Apache Longbow: Anyone know how to fix this or can I only run it on Dosbox?
  7. Using HOTAS Warthog with Jane's Fighters Anthology?

    will give that a go...thanks
  8. Using HOTAS Warthog with Jane's Fighters Anthology?

    Oh and same question for EF2000 Reloaded?
  9. So ive got it installed no issue, and it works fine with my Xbox controller but cant get it to use my HOTAS properly. With the throttle plugged in the throttle levers worked but the flight controls were bound to the hat on the throttle, I unplugged the throttle and the game could use the hat switch to move the view but wouldnt control the plane. I assume I just need to use the correct choice of joystick ingame but no idea what one works, so does anyone here know how to get a HOTAS Warthog working with Fighters Anthology (or Navy Fighters)?
  10. I think it might be a win 10 thing. I might try installing win 7 on an old machine. If I can run F18 on that I will maybe run a dual boot on my main pc
  11. its something to do with the graphics, if I run it with a DGVoodoo wrapper the game uses the voodoo driver, it runs but at max 1024x768. If I run it from the normal F18.exe the ingame driver says 'primary display driver' I can get a better resolution but it crashes when it goes to load the flight engine. Not sure how else I can run it...what compatability settings are you using?
  12. It crashes whenever you click the 'Fly' button...this is on Win 10
  13. Bah, the patch works...kinda, on its own it has the same issue as before which is crashing when you go to fly, i can still load the game with the DXWND file but I still have the absent mouse issue, which seems to require a random amount of alt-tabbing and alt-enter-ing before it shows up if at all. Its a shame as the virtual cockpit in the Janes sim seems much better than the one in Digital Integration's...maybe I should just give up these old sims. buy the DCS F18.
  14. nice, feel like I am getting close to running it, found a DXWND file that runs it but has issues with the mouse not showing up. I will give it one more try with the TSH patch....if that doesnt work I will give up on Janes F/A-18...these issues along with the fact that physical copies only seem available overseas and are too expensive are really putting me off this particular sim. Oh and thanks for the EF2000 file, I also got the TAW file from on here so have plenty to try
  15. Also, whilst trying to find the above patch i read that there was an all in one Zip file, (again downloads were broken) presumably made by the same people, that let you install a working version...if anyone has that then that would be even better

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