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  1. So I decided to get P3d so I can fly the Simworks Phantom and I got and installed the freeware USS Nimitz but I have no idea how to set it as the start location Also how to i set it so i have to fully start the aircraft?
  2. Does anyone know what the real world A10C has on the throttle where TM put that stupid mouse nipple? I just got the replacement unit and was wondering what the real plane has there?
  3. So i have the NA module and if I use any US Navy plane it lets me launch from a Nimitz-style carrier but when i choose the F-4K it puts me on the HMS Invincible, which isnt ideal as launch is ok but I dont think the Invicible has hook wires for a carrier landing. I am pretty sure its just an ini tweak but I have no idea what ini
  4. So I've been playing with the 2 DLC phantoms, K and N, and noticed that both have engine smoke...something their upgraded engines should not have. Is there a quick ini fix to sort this?
  5. Firstly, is there a guide for creating missions? For example I want to creat free flight missions or set up a Bear/Badger intercept off the north coast of Scotland. Secondly, I was just flying low level through the Scottish Highlands and the speed felt very slow, more like I was flying a prop plane rather than a jet...is there anything I can do to speed things up?
  6. So I would like to fly from carriers in 'Nam and desert (both vanilla and Operation Desert Storm). Can anyone give me a step by step on how to get them in single missions?
  7. Really? Then why doesnt the DCS SU27 have this feature?
  8. I just tweaked the ini and got them back, so that is one issue sorted..just need to work out why the Flanker cockpit has weird spinny things that spin faster with more throttle (no spinny thing on the Mig-29 cockpit)...and why the F-117 cockpit frame goes green when i select an LGB
  9. One more thing Ive just noticed, after I downloaded the TMF RAF Phantoms (both K & M), none of them have the Skyflash missile anymore, instead they have a RN Sea Flash, how do i get my Skyflash's back?
  10. Oh and 2 more i just found, F-117 mode has parts of the cockpit turn green when you turn on the radar or LGB? And the cockpit of the SU-27 seems to have 2 odd rotating cylinders just under the HUD. I am assuming these arent meant to be like this?
  11. Ive just installed the Desert Storm mod and was wondering if the AH-64 can actually hover? Only it seems to operating like a really slow plane Secondly, on the Eurofighter (and presumably other 5th gen) when you select a weapon the left mfd and centre mfd change, the left goes from fuel to weapon status and the centre goes from a terrain map to just a compass, is there a way to 'unselect' a weapon to get those screens back?
  12. Looking for a tutorial for EECH Allmods?

    Hmm, will have to look at my TARGET software, not done too much with it yet but this now gives me a reason

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