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Hi all,

We have released a new update for WOTR which brings it to V1.23

Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.23   8 May 2022.

This release is to fix an incorrect version number that was reported in Workshops menu (in V1.22)

1)    Improved Roll-Rate on Spitfire MkI and Hurricane MkI

2)    Keyboard and Joystick Bindings Revised 2.0:    (WOTRKeys program).
        1) User is prompted to save if 'exiting after changes' without having pressed the save button.
        2) Simplified the editing of assigned joystick functions, all editing functions are available on clicking the bound item.
        3) Fixed an issue in Win10 and Win11 where the Joystick Button 'repeat value' was sometimes no longer valid.
        4) Implemented ability to assign controller axes to Gunner station
        5) Generally improved all round for ease of use.


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