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WOFF BH&H II V1.34 UPDATE for 'Recon Wars' is now available!

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Version 1.34 16 August 2022

1) Squadrons that are not 'operational' will no longer be forced to carry out historical (scripted) attack or defence missions.
2) Fixed an issue that did not return the player to the main menu correctly when an invalid/unavailable squadron craft is assigned in campaign.
3) Addressed a 'mission type' loop counter error in Gotha Squadrons and some other Bomber Squadrons when the player elects to fly in poor weather.
4) Fixed an issue that prevented the player loading rockets on certain aircraft in campaign.
5) Fixed an inventory display issue for Ace aircraft, when returning to planning room after having already setup payloads.
6) Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the briefing room map to not be centred on the mission flight.
7) Addressed a naming issue in FA(A) 208s squadron database.
8) Aircraft minor fixes; Sopwith Pup adjusted view FOV slightly. Fixed issue with prop hubs on BEx series.

Of course this includes our "RECON WARS" FREE expansion - an incredible feature-rich FREE update to V1.21 for WOFF BH&H II users!
Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website for more information, or to download.

(The download is large so please be patient with downloads!).
If you still see an older download there, refresh the page using Ctrl F5 keys on your keyboard together.

You can also download the complete Recon Wars Notes and how to play here : Recon Wars Notes here



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