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SF2 Mystere 4A (AJ) Pack

SF2 Mystere 4A (AJ) Pack       5/31/2024

-For SF2, Any and All-(Full 5 Merged Suggested )
-Another 1stGen Salvage Operation-

This is a rebuild of Ajundair's 1st Gen Dassault Mystere IVA, as used by the French, Israeli and Indian Air forces from the 1950s through the 1970s. As this mod references a stock cockpit, SF2:I and/or SF2:E are REQUIRED (or a full 5 Merged, of course!).

This mod is set up and labeled to cause NO conflicts with the Mystere IVA  available from within the game (Third Wire) or any mods of the stock bird that may exist.  Skins remain in their original bmp format. Most markings are decals, with the exception of the fuselage color bands on some of the NMF skins. Decal Randomization is TRUE.  All necessary items are provided, decals, weapons, pilots, sounds, and so forth. Some you've probably got already. If I missed any, PLEASE let me know and I'll get it fixed.
The canopy operates with the Standard Animations Keystroke (tm), Shift/0 (zero)

The aircraft is supplied with a number skins for the varying Air Forces:

EC 1/5 Vendee (<1955)
EC 2/8 Languedoc (61-82) - both in NMF

No.101 Sqnd "First Fighter" (<1955 NMF)
No.101 Sqdn "First Fighter" (NMF, w/Red Stripe <58)
No.116 Sqdn "Flying Wing" (Blue/Brown Camo <61)
No.116 Sqdn "Flying Wing" (3-tone <69)

"Indian Silver" (standard NMF <1957)

As indicated, the SF2 "date switch" is active. The IDF/AF 2-tone is a brand new skin, as it had never been created for the original release (2004-ish) The IDF/AF 3-tone late camo is a "rebuilt" skin, as the original had the wrong colors. All other skins have had a least some minor repainting. The Indian AF skin does =NOT= break the serials down into their respective squadrons, nor are there any squadron 'nose art' badges. Consider them generic in nature, although the serials are ALL historically correct.

When in-game, on the Aircraft Selection Drop down you'll see:

Mystere IVA (AJ)

So you can't mistake it for anything other than what it is. This will also diferentiate THIS one from the 3W Mysetere IVA that's stock in game. This includes NOT conflicting with the superb skin/ini pack that PauloPanz did some year back (reccomended!!!!). As stated above, this mod makes use of the STOCK 3rd Wire cockpit from it's MyIVA, but I've left in the originial F-86 cockpit (with some mods) and it's inis from 2004. It's also been updated to add any missing bits.
The template I made is also included. It's "medium rez", in 1024x. Make of it what you will.

As always fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. All original readmes, when discoverable, are included. The 'Change Log' is, of course, in the Notes section below.

Good Hunting & Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein


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