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  1. I moved to W10 last summer because i NEEDED it to play Forza games, and never had any issues. In fact after getting used to it and all it's extra features, i like it. It's much better now than it was when it was released. I've come to the conclusion that underneath it's basically a more advanced version of W7, and on the outside it's just pretty new clothes. As for W11, it needs a DX12 GPU. The problem.cryptocurrency mining has gone NUTS. Unless you're fine with some overpriced low end option....wait for the market to get back to normal. IF it ever does....
  2. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that i've installed VJoy, but the mouse can be used as yoke even without any Virtual Controller software. Just go to options, controls, and set the flight controls to mouse. You simply click on it and move the mouse and it's done. I haven't noticed that before. Still, it autocenters and you have to move the mouse around all the time just to turn the plane.
  3. Yes there is. Using "Virtual Controller". Since it's been some time since i configured it, i can't explain how to make it work but you could go to Youtube and search for MSFS2020 mouse yoke. It works in SF exactly the same way it works in MSFS.Well, except from one thing. The control surfaces for some reason keep trying to autocenter. Even though i disabled autocentering in the Default.INI,. It works for the keyboard which is really cool because it makes it much more playable, but it doesn't work for the yoke. It still autocenters.

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