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  1. Yeah exactly, I think that too (I used to play SF:P1 on my old Windows XP PC before and I hadn't any kind of performance problem, it used to run perfectly on that older machine) It's the same @MigBuster is saying to me: older versions of Strike Fighters like SF:P1 have compatibility problems with more modern PC or OS than XP, and it's very little you can do if the game brokes... So he's telling me to switch to some more modern and Windows 10 compatible Strike Fighter version, like the upcoming Strike Fighters 2 Windows 10 supported edition. Thank you very very much anyway for helping me anyway Mr.gerwin
  2. When i say that my game used to run at extremely low fps (such as 3 to 5 fps) I mean I had the infamous "Windows 10 Low FPS" problem, that has already been discussed on COMBAT ACE website, but the fix shown in that video nor the 2008 patch did not change anything... The only way I could run SF:P1 well was to set my high-performance NVIDIA graphic card as "default running method", as I already said before..
  3. I've done it, and i have also updated the game to last 2008 patch, but framerate has not improved. The only way i could fix that was to change my default "running game settings" of my PC for SF:P1, from default graphic card to my high-performance NVIDIA graphic card. Now the game runs perfectly (50/60 fps), even if i play it at lowest settings (except for 1920x1080 res) THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT whenever me or another aircraft shoots down another plane, THE GAME SUDDENDLY FREEZES for 1 or 2 seconds… this also happens when a comm is given (like QG or wingmen) HELP ME PLEASE, CAUSE THIS ISSUE MAKES THE GAME UNPLAYABLE!
  4. I must say that i had to set everything to lowest settings (except for 1920x1080 res) and change default "running method" to my high-performance NVIDIA graphic card though, cause it would heavily lag (between 3 to 5 fps) if i played it with default graphic card.
  5. It is unmodded, i've just updated it to last 2008 patch and downloaded some aircrafts.. that's it. I run it at good framerate, it freezes sometimes when a comm is given (such as QG that spots enemy boogies or wingmen who say something) or when me or someone else shoots down a plane and an explosion or destruction of a plane happens (like if the game starts loading destroyed plane model and so freezes for 1 or 2 seconds)
  6. Hi guys, i have a very big issue regarding one of my favourite games of all time: Strike Fighters: Project 1. I play this beautiful old game on my PC and i run it pretty well at lowest settings and 1920x1080p (i had ALSO to change "default graphic card option" to my high-performances NVIDIA graphic card, due to the fact that the game heavily lags if i run it with the default graphic card option, even if it's all set on lowest settings). After i figured out this little issue, the game runs pretty smoothly and at an high framerate so, what's the problem? The problem is that whenever i hit or shoot down a plane or i look at an explosion, the game freezes for a couple of seconds... So i don't know what to do and why this happens… Is that because Strike Fighters: Project 1 is too old for a modern medium-high end PC? (I used to play it also on my previous low end Windows XP PC, and i never had any kind of problem) Should i play the game at lower resolutions even if all settings are already at lowest? Why had i to choose my high-performances NVIDIA graphic card to play the game without lag even if it's an old and well optimized game? Please help me, i know SF:P1 is a very old game and i should go for SF2, but the first one is one of my favourite games of all time and THIS PROBLEM MAKES THE GAME UNPLAYABLE!!! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, cause this is a HUGE PROBLEM, i really have no idea of what to do and i'm very confused about what's happening...
  7. EF-2000

    the same for me... do you got any fix for that?
  8. Hi, guys, i just wanted to ask you a simple question… when i set the "selected weapon" button to LCtrl, it does not work… If i hold LCtrl, i cannot even control the plane, it does not move, but if i press LCtrl together with another button (if i bind "selected weapon" button with LCtrl together with another button), i can shoot my selected weapon, but if want to set a control only on LCtrl, without mixing it with another button, it does not work... Why? Can you help me that i really can't explain this and i' m confused too?? Thank you very much guys
  9. OK, thank you very much, and sorry for being annoying
  10. So what should i do? What can i do to fix this enormous issue?? I' m really desperate…. Should i reinstall the game? And from where should i install the latest patch?
  11. So how should i do? Should i reinstall SFP1 and re-download the last patch from TW web site?

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