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  1. AMX A-1A, AMX-T A-1B and AMX A-1M Brazilian Air Force

    Does this work on SFP1? And can you make a Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italian Air Force) livery too please? Thx
  2. AMX International

    Does this work on SFP1?
  3. T stands for Tomcat (F-14A Tomcat) and Tornado (Tornado IDS)
  4. S stands for many aircrafts, such as: Strike Eagle (F-15E Strike Eagle) / Starfighter (RF-104G Starfighter) / Skyhawk (A-4F Skyhawk)
  5. R is for Raven (EF-111A Raven)
  6. oh so you tweaked the files to make the boom lower?
  7. That's great! Thank you a lot man, i'll check the read me's then And amazing screenshots btw Did you just fly close to them or also something else? Looks like the refueling boom is extended in the Eagle pics And do booms have collisions or did you just pause the game when it looked fine to you? Thx again
  8. nah it does not matter to me a lot air refueling so i'll pass over it
  9. Oh i see And you know what are the buttons to extend refuel probe/open refuel hole? Cause i opened it once on the F-16 and i don't know what i pressed Thanks
  10. oh i got it well the SF series is my favorite and everything is perfect in SF2 imho i just had this doubt if it was possible or not, but that's not that bad honestly i don't care of air refuelling that much so thank you btw
  11. oh ok, that's a shame so those screenshots i've seen are just "not real"? and so if tankers cannot refuel, they're there just for aesthetic and do nothing? so the refuelling probe/refuelling hole buttons are useless? and even if they are, what are the buttons to open refuelling probe/refuelling hole? Thx

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