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  1. Very nice, i'll install and uninstall them whenever i want then. Yeah, i realized you can insta-mod just by saving the folders, this is amazing! Thank you very much
  2. Without any order of installation, even after the July 2013 last patch for SF2 merge install right? Even if the CE is dated back as 2012? And WE and GE count as separated installations too right?
  3. I think they are, like they are built-in the game and i can use them, but they're not there inside Weapons folder. I don't have any WEAPONS.INI or GUNS.INI file, idk why but it's not present. I tried using CE but it doesn't let me extract anything, not even EXTRACT ALL works. Yep it let me open and see "Object etc etc." cat files, when i click them nothing shows up and buttons stay greyed out
  4. I managed to change from Rear to All-aspect, but the GuidanceType number stayed the same. Yep same to me, it installed in Program Files x86 and a Utilities folder in Savedgames. So the problem now is just why the CE doesn't let me extract and why i can't see some weapons unless downloaded, like i did for the AA-2. I hope i got everything right
  5. Got it, but still don't know why i can't see some weapons and can't exctract anything in the CE, nothing shows up
  6. The CE is the last thing i want to install right? Before the 2013 update, otherwise an error message will show up if i'm not wrong. Otherwise i'll reinstall it just now
  7. Yep that's exactly the same as my directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\ThirdWire\Utilities, just next to the big 5 merged Strike Fighters 2 folder. The CE did all by itself. I also have Weapons Editor and Guns Editor in the same folder. I don't know why some weapons don't show, i had to download a separate package from Combat Ace called Red Side Standard Weapons Pack - Full Beta - Weapon Packs - CombatACE That provided me the AA-2 and i could finally see it once pasted into the Weapons Folder, and then could edit it throught WE. I also noticed i don't have the WEAPONDATA.INI and GUNDATA.INI, i really don't know why. The CE doesn't work, i see all the "Objects" CAT files but once i click on a CAT file it says "error opening this .CAT file, no files can be extracted" and nothing shows up I can't even click on "Exctract All" as someone suggested me, the buttons are greyed out I honestly have no idea what i'm doing wrong
  8. Yep they look just like that, i can see them when trying to select them, but once i click it wont' let me extract anything just like i told you.
  9. Yep that's just what i looked for, and it worked! Thank you very much. Are there packs for every weapon? And if I really need to use the CAT Extractor, what can i do?
  10. Oh thank you very much. How did you find those? And how did you manage to make CAT extractor work? Mine doesn't and can't open any files. It says the thing you saw in the other Topic i opened. Is there a way to fix that? Do you know by any chance why i can't find those 2 .INI files and why the CAT extractor doesn't work?
  11. Thanks for helping me. I just checked and i have no "WEAPONDATA.INI" file. I think i checked everywhere but there's none, that's very weird. I never used that file but i know it should always be there. I'm pretty sure didn't delete it. Is it hiding somewhere?
  12. It's grey and unclickable to me, it forces me to select a file, but then that sentence shows up

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