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  1. Ah sorry about that, Its the Air & Ground War Expansion, I just call it Gold for short.
  2. I hate to ask, but how do I do that? I'm still pretty new to all this.
  3. So, the DATA Ini fix actually worked, but the decals are still screwed up.
  4. Thanks a bunch! do you know where to get the cat extractor by the way? the others in the thread say I need the original decal.ini as well
  5. I appreciate it!, but where do I find the ObjectData009? and by extractor, do you mean just pull out the Data.ini from there and override the modded one?
  6. So in my install of the Vietnam gold mod pack the VNAF B-57s are HORRIBLY broken, the pilots sticking out, broken textures, I'm not exactly sure what went wrong, I have all the update patches for it and everything!
  7. I actually did go through and get all the latest patches funnily enough.
  8. Oh wow, I really appreciate it! it worked immediatly, and I wasn't even aware there was things like player controlled canopys or folding wings, strange thing is that me and my friend both installed the same pack around the same time, his stuff worked perfectly yet mine had the broken tanks!
  9. So I've been playing the vietnam gold pack alot recently, and I've noticed on the A-6 Intruder and A-7 Corsair II the Drop tanks are permanently afixed to the aircraft and loadouts that take those stations overlap the weapons with the tanks! Please excuse the activate windows on the bottom right.
  10. Unsure what I did wrong, but the Linebacker '75 has all navy aircraft start in the middle of the sea without a carrier, Unsure what I did wrong but its driving me nuts! I was looking forward to flying cats in 'nam!

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