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  1. So a little update it seems i was a bit stupid i put but my insignia into the decal bu this time in the form of INSIGNIAFUSERXXX.tga and they now appear on all the planes i try it seems that the naming was of the decals was wrong i am sorry for wasting the time of everyone who replied to this topic i should have been more observant.
  2. I used existing skins in order to see how other people did it so i can understand better and okay i shall do this from now own but still that means making skins in order to use the new decals i suppose there is no way for the decals to show up on all planes without editing decal.ini or is it beyond me since i am new to modding?
  3. This is what the Texture.ini looks like i have not touched it
  4. And where would i put this new decal.ini because this is the decal.ini of that particular plane that i edited
  5. My issue is that i have the nation set up and the decals set up but do i need to add a skin with my decals like the pictures above or the game is supposed to show them when i select the nation.
  6. I have added the nations in the NationList.ini and the decals with the nation codes into the root folder of the decals but they do not show on any other plane,only on one where i deliberately made a skin and edited the decals.ini to show the new insignia for a test to see if they show in game.And when i added more national insignia as a test they showed on that particular plane without further editing the decals.ini but again not on any other.As i understand the best way it would be to make a skin for the planes i want and edit the decal.ini in order to show the new insignia?
  7. A small update for anyone that sees this article from now on i have figured out how to implement my own national insignia in game but they do not show on all aircraft or some show and i dont understand why.
  8. Thanks for the reply,also i found the exact same tutorial by TK in a reply on an article in the knowledge forum and i have finally fixed it and added the decals i wanted and they show in game now on to skin making!!
  9. Thanks a lot i shall check it out!!
  10. Hello everyone i am new with strike fighters 2 modding and i started small with some campaign.ini tweaking to and making my own nations and squadrons but i want to move further into making insignia for new nations and some skins.I am kind of familiar with skin making ,i have made some personal skins for IL2 1946, but when it comes to strike fighters 2 and the decal system i have no idea and i have been trying to find tutorials with only one found that doesn't contain some basic information i need to start.Any help is really appreciated and if this is answered in another topic then pointing me to it is also helpful thanks in advance everyone.
  11. Thanks for replying and I only have my GPU because my processor doesn't have integrated graphics.Also I would like to note that when I first played I could run it on unlimited graphics with no issues at the beginning least .
  12. Greetings, this modpack i have to say its great it really elevates the strike fighter 2 experience.Although even though it worked firstly i started having issues like missing textures and CTD's and now it has reached a point where it loads to cockpit and immediately crashes i tried lowering the graphics i even reinstalled but nothing changed.I know that the mod requires a kind of strong pc and i kind of have it.I have a desktop with an AMD Ryzen 7 3800 ,GTX1050Ti ,16Gb ram and an 1TB SSD any help appreciated.

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