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  1. SfMap should help - you can export a 24-bit bitmap and use your favourite paint tool to paint the terrain level, then reimport. Any problems, post here or SimHQ Cheers, Keith
  2. First Eagles

    >Is the AI smarter? Not noticably? >Is it the same as the other games in the series, as far as being modified? Yes Good fun, a few bugs, worth the price. Cheers, Keith
  3. I've created an A-10 mission where the real challenge is the flying, particularly landing, although there are a few tanks to shoot too. Its downloadable from here in my Lomac page I'd like a little feedback before posting it at Biohazard. How much demand is there for 'flying' rather than 'shooting' missions? A few questions 1, The title got inherited from my first test mission and I cant change it , how do I do that? Hex-edit? (Tried notepad, corrupted the mission) 2, Can I attach events to waypoints? eg radio messages Cheers, Keith
  4. Mission Building?

    What are the plans for mission/campaign building? I've written Mission editors for CFS (see here) and Strike Fighters (see here) (Edit- the CFS pages are down, hopefully its only temporary.....), so if you need it I might be able to help Cheers, Keith

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