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  1. I've successfully completed a bombing run on an enemy runway. Well, I didn't really bomb it because I don't know how to drop bombs or do bombing runs. What I did was shoot this control tower next to the runway. The targeting circled the middle of the runway and the tower was right next to the target area.
  2. I get the same problem too. I do the same thing to get around it by skipping the teletype screen. It's too bad because it's neat to watch the teletype. XP1800+ @ 1620 Asus A7V333 bios 1011 512 DDR333 MSI GF4 Ti4400 @ 310/625 Dets 40.71 Hercules GTXP drivers 5.02 WinXP SP1 Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold
  3. I haven't had any problems with colours being weird. I'm using the 40.71's though. I do crash to desktop when loading the pre-mission menu where you select your loadout and read the briefing. My fix is to press a button to skip that cinematic before the menu screen.
  4. Good review, Holly! You're right about it being easy to use for beginners. I pretty much started it up and shot down some MIGs! Of course I had all the settings on easy.. I'm now torn between playing IL2-Sturmovik and Strike Fighters. :shock:

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