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  1. THE CAT

    Remember this as well... Just because the Tomcat STARTED coming into service in 1973, it wasn't REPLACING the Phantom until the late '70's. The Phantom went all the way up to F-4S and J models with the Navy and Marine Corps respectively and was beginning to be phased out in the early 80's. In 1973 the Navy had fewer than 20 Tomcats and still only had around 50 in 1974. There's always a 3-4-5 year period of phase-in while a new aircraft comes online. When the F-22 FINALLY starts getting phased in next year it will still be another 10-15 years after that, that the F-15 Eagle will be fully retired.
  2. And yes..I'd have to agree that Red Storm Rising would be BY FAR...THE MOST EPIC WAR MINI-SERIES EVER!!! Imagine the scenes of the backfires streaking over the north atlantic toward the Nimitz battle group...or the A-10s saving the Marines on Iceland...MAN!!! THAT WOULD ROCK!!!
  3. I read Without Remorse when I was 15 and have been enthralled with it ever since. It is by far Clancy's most 'human' book to date and I belive the peak of his creative ability. It truely stands out as one of the greatest works of the latter 20th Century. I've stood in the very streets that he describes Clark going after the drug-pushers in Baltimore. The most touching part was Clark picking up the prostitute so he could cook her breakfast and just be a friend. After Vietnam, with the death of his wife, he simply needed companionship. Clark actually became the most developed character with that book. Ryan never had as much inner dialogue as Clark.
  4. Hmm....What happened in Korea??? Don't get me started :P
  5. Well, TK wants a GOOD patch to come out...not a "fix 5 out of 10" type...so the testing is going a little longer than anticipated...other than that, I really can't say much. However, the latest build I'm testing came out on the 17th of this month and it is quite nice... I wish I could say more but alas, I can't...Keep the faith my friends...this is gonna be around for quite some time! P.S. Anyone remember how nice IL2 became after the 1.2 patch just 2 months or so ago??? There could be similarities... 8) Hey...wait! whats tha ---Door breaks open, security guards from Strategy First break in and abduct Holly---
  6. Non-disclosure-agreement = NDA I could tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya...
  7. DAMN NDA! DAMN NDA!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  8. Sorry guys, I may of gone a little too far on those shots. In order to retain my "security clearance" , further posting of images will be postponed. Rest assured however that the Third Wire crew has much good in store for us... :D
  9. It seems that tanks and such appear brighter on the scope...thats all...
  10. Due to the NDA, I will not be able to post further on the subject. However rest assured that there's much good in store!
  11. OK..here's the pretty explosions... ftp://hollywood:s3ns0r@andromeda.xlii.com...PATCHED/AAA.JPG
  12. Guys...I'm testing the patched version of SF and there IS flak AND pretty explosions....wanna see them???
  13. Oh...I'm gone for the next two days...but if anyone wants to leak this on the SimHQ forums...that would be quite funny.....don't ya think!?!?!?
  14. http://www.xlii.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=61093#61093 Don't ask, but there it is...and it's coming soon... :P

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