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  1. Hi fellow biohazzers I got voice buddy lock on edition and installed it, I then went into lock on to remap some keys as per voice buddy instructions. I remapped all the keys except one which I can't seem to find in lock on. Here is my question ... Where in LOCK ON is the key for "cycle target" or "next target" ? I've looked through the different menu options several times and not been able to locate it.
  2. Flaming Cliffs

    Is flaming cliffs going to need similar PC specs to LOMAC ? Is it a stand-alone game or an add on Is it going to be in format as LOMAC was (no blame directed at ED for the last question, just UBI ..... )
  3. LOMAC Manual Lottery Thread

    I'm In !!!! Post #17
  4. Voice Buddy 2.0

    nO wURRIZ Maybe if more people know about it they will be able to help get mine working !!!!!
  5. Voice Buddy 2.0

    Dunno if you've already told everyone about this biohaz staff but Voice Buddy 2.0 is now out, this is a free update to all users. Also out are new profiles for Lock On, they are at an extra (approx) £5 uk or $10 USA. There is also a profile available for IL2 Sturmovik, IL2 Forgotten Battles and Aces expansion pack and also Combat Flight Simulator. All new editions are the price given above and the IL2 profile covers all editions of IL2.
  6. Track Ir 3 Pro

    Hi Psychobabble I have Track IR 3 pro and use it on lomac. I wouldn't fly without it ! There was an offer through flightsim.com for track ir3, dunno if it's still going though, the offer was $20 off I think.
  7. IL2 Install Uninstall Problem

    It's ok, I fixed it ! cleaned the registry and killed all shortcuts
  8. I uninstalled IL2FB. On trying to reinstall I get ...... "error applying transforms, unable to find file 1033.mst" On looking through the ubi forums there seems to be an error in the registry on install and no clear cut solution to the problem, I was wondering if anyone here has come across this and has a fix??????
  9. Track IR version 3, 2,1

    I should have known better !!!!
  10. from the track IR site..............Software version 3.11 (Supports every TrackIR ™ model) (.exe 3.72 MB) (posted June 14, 2004) http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/support/downloads.html :D
  11. Weapons

    Good and interesting lie's are good for job interviews, until you get the head of corporate expansion asking the question "so ....how long have you been speaking japanese ?"
  12. Weapons

    Just when I get halfway down the readme file the worlds most efficient forum moderator post a new link !!!! I'm sure you've heard this before.......good work Ghostdog !
  13. Weapons

    Thanks very apt I think......under the circumstances. How did you come to use Ghostdog ? Back to books I'm reading First Light by Geoffrey Wellum at the moment. He was a Spitfire pilot during The Battle of Britian and it's a very good read. It's his biography and if your into WWII bios it's one you should put on a present list for christmas or birthday. It makes you think when all they had was a weekend flying Spitfires and then it was off to the front line !!!!
  14. Weapons

    ha ha the user name !! I used VSD mainly because in all flight sims I've flown on line or offline I don't think there's EVER been a time when I got back to base and my ground crew could go and read the paper happy in the knowledge I looked after their baby while in the air !!!!! There's usually several holes and leaking fluid somewhere......that's if I'm lucky enough to get back to base in the first place. I think it's the way I fly ? ! ?
  15. Weapons

    Some docs do open with the error message about graphics conversion not being able to convert, they normally open without the pics, depending on the amount of pics determines how many times i click ok to the error message ! They do open though so maybe your right about the "newer files" as the ones that do open are battle of britian and some about 1 -2 yrs old. It is WIN ME which is currently about £20 short of being upped to XP so it's not a massive concern, until that is you need to read a new read me ! ! ! Ian M Banks is an author of Sci Fi ? is that right ?

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