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  1. USAF SP9.2 here to DL :)

    First link - "Not allowed" Second link - can't find it on his site...
  2. Ok very cool... Hope you feel better soon.... thanks again... brett
  3. Hi Jeff... The buttons are there for download , but I get a "page cannot be found...".... thx again... Brett
  4. thank you much.... I will check later... Thanks again.. fyi.. did you know when a member logs in to your main web page, the authentication doesn't carry over to the forums...?
  5. I got both dowloads.. The clouds fix v1.0 and gave mitch's overcast mod a try... (it didn't work).. The one I'm refering to is in the lomac object mod sectioin...2nd page .... 8th one down..... thanks for the lead to the clouds mod...
  6. Were they pulled by the author? Only fast overcast_v31 HI mod is available anywheres....(by bobocop) there used to be jsut a straight cloud mod (v1.0) and a above the overcast clouds mod (which I think BoboCop did also) They just seem to be all gone. I had to redo my system and I was getting 25-30 fps on the Mig29 intercept before the redo.. (yes.. really...25-30), but I accidentally killed all my saved mods (that'll teach me.. ).... Anyone have either of these two? Biohaz has the reference, but no longer the link to download. CheckSix... zilch also... Can anyone help me out? thanks, Brett
  7. sent mine to your hotmail account. hope it works for you... brett
  8. .. abit bit off topic.... I have a copy of that on my site as well. The link Dan Crenshaw email is invalid and Deltahawks.org is now defunct. I tried to email him and ask permission to put this on my site (basically for my own use and some friends), but all emails came back undeliverable... It' appears the web site is old..(98). I did copy it with a disclaimer stating it's not my work but Dan Crenshaws and all credit goes to him. Brett My Webpage
  9. Wow. Mr Mudd, you of all I would of expected to have this... well there goes my illusions .... ....gee...thanks.. ;) Hope fully you will reconsider this request when the patch does finally arrive to help folks like myself.. BTW, it not a online gameplay situation...but right a canned mission right out of the box... Until then enjoy the day... Hopefully Shep will read this and show pity...
  10. Go to your Lomac install directory, right click , properties, and uncheck "read only". "apply to all folders and subfolders". If that doesn't work, go to the contollers directory and remove their predefined X45 config file. Hey on my box, occasionally the X45 becomes unresponsive totally and I have to reboot to get it back. Power savings is turned off on the USB hubs so I'm out of Ideas (there is a USB patch - post XPsp1 - on MS site)
  11. Thanks for your reply gentlemen. I know there is a prob with the F15 radar and I really do understand the "flashlight" analogy. The question is more about the how to's, instead of what's wrong. I'm hoping to get the correct How to, and figure out what I'm doing wrong when I'm just trying to find a "bad" guy with radar only. (this btw includes the other modes).. When I'm stuck I have to fly in a circle looking for a radar designate on the hud. The tews gives me a idea where they are at, but if they don't have any radar on themselves....... get my point? I end up circling too much and some other pilot get to practice their proctology skill on the back end of my aircraft.!!! I eat carrots alot, so I know my eyesight is good (as per bugs bunny). Thank you for your reply
  12. Mr Mudd / Shepski, How in the heck to the eagle drivers bring down the bad guys when you can't see them? (this has been bothering me since Janes - F15) On Multiple occasions, I never see the bad guys. they can see me, the others in my flight (AI) can see the bad guys, but I can't see squat. I get the awacs call .. bad guys, bearing 085, for 051, angels high. Ok I know they are at MY 085, ( aspect of 051?) and above 20K altitude. I slew my radar up (I'm at 10K) and wait for the scan to complete at the range of 40mi. I can see 1 target (i'm in tws mode so I designate him), The other target is faint but visible on the VSD, so when I try to designate him, boom! the VSD clears. (both targets, as per the VSD are a 17K and 19K and my scan azimuth is 15 - 20K next the awacs call for bad guys, 051 , angels low (below 10K?).. So I shift my radar down, to look for those guys.. nada, nothing... Now I know I'm within 20 miles of the first track so I fire the 120. (really does nothing, since I think the 120 is not correct in it's speed and capabilities in this SIM ... I'm guessing, since my experience in the USAF is walking around these birds with Rifle, but it does get the bad guy to react to me instead of the other way around. (it seems to take off toward the initial designation...)) After that, where are they? I've played the mission over and over and over so I know where everyone is supposed to be at, but I just can't make it work. The mission (campaign F15..mission 1) and the bad guys are just a dot,... by the time I can make out the aircraft type, they're launching a missle down my throat. (if I'm lucky enough to spot them after loosing them on radar) As Soon as I turn Labels back on.... no problem (well usually) Is there a way either of you can create a track with voice over on how to do this properly? BTW, Mr Mudd. I just found your F15 "soup" flight for instrument flight, but there is no voice over so It's kinda hard to figure out what your doing because The HSI, ADI, Speed guage,, etc are not in view all the time. (and fraps makes everything blurry on top of that!) Is it possible for either of you to take some time out of your schedules and show me / us how to do this stuff correctly? Thanks for your time. Brett

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