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  1. Thanks for all the help! @admin, you may close the topic if you want.
  2. Thank you very much Crusader!!! I loved the column5 website in the older days :-) 2nd question a bit offtopic. After the advise at the beginning I´m thinking about switching to SF2. Which version is the best? Europe or NA? Are they all running on a Win10 PC?
  3. And what about the yankee air pirate 3 mod? Is it worth the money?
  4. Thank you guys for the replies. I know the game is old, but for me it´s a part of my childhood...I guess that´s the reason for playing it again. And now with all the Corona shit I´ve more than enough time for "fighting on the computer" :D
  5. Hi Guys I used to play WOV with many "column5" aircraft some years ago. Now I reinstalled it on my Win10 PC (thanks to the guide from this forum) but I realised, that the old column5 website doesn´t exist anymore?!? I´m searching some of their aircraft (or better versions) for my WOV: Mig 21 + Mig 29 both in NVA (East German Army) livery F5 Tiger preferably in the black Top Gun "Mig 28" livery F-14 preferably in the Top Gun livery It would be very nice if someone could help me? Thanks and happy landings! Markus

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