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  1. Geforce Problems

    The problem is, that with the 53.03 drivers FS2004 runs great. Yet all other 3D applications are screwed. It isn't exactly a frame loss, it's a frame drop. For example, I'm getting a pretty good 25 to 30 FPS, but still I get the impression of a fast slide show. The game runs, than suddenly a drop. It's just like running a NTSC movie under Pal conditions (25 vs 29 frames per second). There's a jump every second.
  2. What I don't understand is, that there are so many differences between the versions. The published fix list of the patch encompasses bugs, which aren't language based. So, what's the problem?
  3. So they're alienating me, since I have the German version. I just hope, that it doesn't become another neverending patch story.
  4. Geforce Problems

    Well, thanks a lot. The newest gainward drivers were the culprits. With the standard geforfce drivers the cockpits there again.
  5. I purchased a geforce Golden Sample 5900 with 256 Ram. Now, FS 2004 shows me a black screen instead of a cockpit. In VC I can fly just normaly and also the outside views are OK. Just the cockpit is gone and that's a bit of a pain in the ass. Any solutions? I've already reinstalled and tried out many different graphics settings.
  6. Of course, when the Maverick is loaded. Wouldn't have noticed the difference otherwise. <_< Only the crosshair is visible.
  7. Well, I did do this before posting my problems here. But guess what happened. I had no more menu crashes, but the TV screen in the A10 was black.
  8. Could be a heat problem, but it only occurs in LOMAC. Everything else, including IL2FB and FS 2004 runs OK without any freezers. So I tend to think, that it has something to do with that particular game.
  9. LOMAC runs OK whilst flying, but once in the menus it freezes more often than not. Sometimes I get a freezing screen with rapidly repeating sound samples, when I try to end a flight. Sometimes nothing happens until I'm back in the menus. And when I try to navigate the menus, the mouse pointer is suddenly stuck. I'm running an Athlon XP 3000+, 1024 Ram, Radeon 9600 Pro, Aureon 5.1 Fun - everything equipped with the latest drivers. Did anyone else encounter those peculiar freezing actions?
  10. Snake, I would love to give it a try. Can you post a download link and do you have some knowledge, if it is playable with the german version of LOMAC?
  11. Printing it out is part of the fun. When you're in for one of those coffee shop sessions and you have already read the daylies, you need some interesting reading.
  12. Thanks, Cretin. Found it myself and downloading already. That's what I always think, my Laserwriter is patient and I don't have to wait for shipping.
  13. Can you post a link? I would be perfectly content with downloading, and 15 Dollars are within the green signs.
  14. I honestly don't see any reason to run Win98 unless you want to use some games, that came out before 2000. For every other purpose XP is an improvement and much easier to handle. Be sure to use the Antispyware tools like XP Antispy though.
  15. Virtual Cockpit

    Personally I think, that VCs give me the best flying experience. It has the visual depth, the standard cockpit has not.

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