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  1. Hi Pol, Just sent all relevant info, unfortunately couldn't grab a screenshot, sorry. Good luck mate! Regards. Fube
  2. They are loaded specifically mate. Thanks for clarifying. Regards. Fube EDIT: It seems they are always loaded by default, just checked my new mission Balloon Defence, go figure!
  3. Just had a crash to debrief while shooting a balloon, Debrief read "Still flying in enemy held territory......... Landed in enemy held field....... Captured , escaped after three days. Flying an Alb D.I with Jasta 2 out of Pronville, December 1916. I for sure hit the balloon, but did not crash into it. When I try mission replay I get an error ("Cannot Continue"), after the gun rounds hit., and to read the error log. Where should I post the log file? Best regards. Fube
  4. @ trotski, possibly didn't look at it like that mate. Second question still stands though. Regards. Fube
  5. Trying to get my head round if something funky is going on or mebe I'm just not understanding things correctly. I am currently flying an Alb D.1 in Jasta 2 and have just got my first balloon bust mission. Ok so here is the thing; In the main briefing screen I see my ammo count is 100 with a no specific loadout recommendation. When I enter my flights specific screen ( where you can select formation etc. I see Incendiary rounds selected. When I enter the cockpit I see I have 250 rounds per gun ! So my two questions are, (a) Why is briefing giving me the wrong info re ammo count and loadout, and (b) are Incendiary rounds actually modelled? If so am I actually carrying them, when the check box is ticked? It would seem logical to have them on a balloon bust mission. Regards Fube

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