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  1. I tried to edit the above post but the forums didn't like it for some reason :)..... anyway, EDIT to the above post as follows The rudder axis is on BU0836A card and is hardwired to the Z axis { no software to allow changes } also the config software cant tell the difference between the two BU0836X cards I have and therefor continues to overwrite any settings I try to input, the Ardunio card has 32 buttons, but the game fails to recognise anything above the 8 in the config window....add to that, the frustrastions of the config software taking a long time to actually work, hanging up numerous times and taking 30% of the processor to try and do what its doing and still failing miserably, just adds to the overall frustrations. I apologise if my posts are sounding like a moaner, but I just want to be able to assign controls and fly the sim...because it looks amazing!!
  2. Unfortunately...no, this is what I currently have a setup { have no issues in any other sims currently }...as you can see just standard interface cards
  3. Ah well...I have tried all morning editing the files and still nothing works, the software that is used in game is really buggy and doesn't work at all well, and manually editing the xca file has failed also, no matter what I do, I cannot get the throttle, mixture and rudder to assign. No reply either in 71 views from anyone at OBD so I'll email support and request a full refund for the software as in its current state, it isnt fit for the purpose. It looks like an amazing sim and thanks for the time to reply to the help post Stache....very appreciated.
  4. I have issues with the game, now I have had a chance to try and get to grips with it. I have a setup that has two Leo Bodnar BU0836X boards, one Leo Bodnar 0386A board, one Arduino and two seperate boards for controlling the buttons and switches in my pit. I have tried numerous times and also read the FAQ and still the setup refuses to let me assign the correct axis to rudder....even when I clear all other board inputs and select the correct input {Bodnar board 0836A} it always puts the Z axis that the rudders are connected to, and assigns it to the throttle, which stops the other board input from being recognised...why does this happen? Is it coded to see the throttle as Z axis default and if so, why won't it let me change it around? I have tried everything in the PDF and still the same :(
  5. Error when upacking

    Sorry guys..Moderator, can you delete this topic please.
  6. Error when upacking

    Fixed..corrupted download, thanks for the quick reply!
  7. Error when upacking

    Can only be issue two, will keep and eye on it, although the file size was 9.55gb.
  8. Error when upacking

    Download shows as 9.6 gb..is this correct? I also now have only 8 downloads left. Both Winrar and 7zip show a CRC error in one of the packages
  9. I get this error each time I run the application file within the zip..
  10. Bought and looking forward to playing it :)

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