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  1. QOL request

    Thanks Pol, I usually would use Notepad++ so no worries there. I will look into this multi mod too!
  2. So as I am new I am no doubt gonna be throwing around a load of suggestions like any over entitled noob should do but I will try to keep them realistic. First off....volumetric....no erm..... View switching, particularly between cockpit view and weapon view. When I have my zoom/fov set in my cockpit, I switch to weapon view via my hotas button, but when I switch back again the cockpit view reverts back to the default zoom. Which is a little close for my liking. So 2 questions really. 1) Is this quite a simple thing to fix by adjusting some default FOV setting somewhere? OR 2) Would it be possible to code in that when the views switch the sim remembers your previous view setting and reverts back to it when returning from another view? Thanks
  3. Hello, I see folks talking about holding the lower/raise keybinds to continuously move the lewis gun through all of it's "notches" per se. However, I have these binds mapped to my hotas throttle buttons and I have to spam the button to move it in either direction as holding the button only registers a move of one "notch". Is there a way to make the sim read the hotas button press and hold as it would a keyboard or is this a limitation of the hardware itself?
  4. Ground explosions

    When you do them...they will be the best ones I am sure :) Possibly the guys working on BMS could assist/advise with DX11 implementation? I'm not knowledgeable in that stuff though so just "letting my belly rumble" as they say
  5. Ground explosions

    And the engine smoke, basically everything that was updated is very good work! Keep it coming guys. Next stop full volumetric....no? ok
  6. Just started a French campaign flying arty spotter currently and had to comment to applaud the revised explosion effects. They look tremendous from up here in my Nieuport 12!
  7. Crash sounds

    Absolutely! I have far more issue with a.n.other fairly recently released AAA sim game which won't be named, than I do WOFF. And yes, it's just little niggles and nothing really game breaking. AND...you didn't lie to your future consumers to sell the product in the first place
  8. Simulation.xml error

    Thanks Rab Are UE version mods compatible with BHAH? I'm assuming they will be And jeez that tool is good...like "type your drive letter....ok we're done"
  9. Crash sounds

    Yeah no mods here either. For me at least it seems to be the crash sound needs to have the volume lowered if it comes from another aircraft. Prob makes it sounds alot simpler than it is too lol
  10. Simulation.xml error

    You don't have a link to the download do you? Trying to navigate that website is hurting my fragile mind
  11. Simulation.xml error

    Meh...started reinstall anyways. Probably simplest solution. Wasn't too far into the campaign anyways.
  12. I had a bit of a hard reset and now all my .xml files seem to be corrupted. What do I need to do to restore them besides reinstalling WOFF? I had set up a useful restore point recently but it has been overwritten to a point which is useless. All this because a USB port for my joystick decided to stop functioning.....
  13. Hello! I noticed that the sound of other aircraft crashing can be heard for quite some distance, quite unrealistically loudly. Many times I have thought my own aircraft has sporadically broken when I hear the sound but it just turns out someone was hitting the ground several 100ft below me I don't suppose there is a way to reduce the level vs. distance that this sound is heard at? I hope I am explaining this correctly...
  14. Got upgraded from the Bebe to the 17 today. Took down a few Alb.II's so going well so far for "Flight Sub-Lieutenant Bagpipe Bronson"

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