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  1. Opentrack

    here is my opentrack profile for woff. I tend to use the one global profile and just modify ever so slightly from sim to sim. Think in this one i set an offset to bring the pilot head slightly aft of default. could be wrong, cant really remember lol try it and see what you think just pop in your opentrack folder in documents WOFF.ini
  2. Hello, I have only looked at a few of the french aircraft so far but, since the aircraft specs window has been reduced in size to a pop-out, much of the writing is squashed/overlapped/hidden behind layers. I am running 32" 2560x1440, is it possibly a scaling issue?
  3. Pics

    Upload to an Imgur account and then use a direct link to insert to forum. That way you dont have to downscale etc.
  4. The Great War

    Sounds excellent will add to my watch list and maybe bump it up a few places!
  5. The issue with the T-Flight rudder pedals is simply that WOFF is looking for a "Rz axis" (or possibly any input with the word "axis" as the name) to bind as rudder but this only exists on the flight stick. Because of this the axis for the rudders is called "Slider 1", but WOFF fails to recognize this input when assigning. The only work around is to use external software to reconfigure your entire hotas but this can lead to "switching off" certain parts of the hotas and just gets messy and, as in the case of this thread, when they update drivers you sometimes have to start over again. I don't understand much of coding and I don't know exactly how the key bind utility works but could it not be programmed to recognize binds with both "axis" or "slider" in the name? Or am I grossly oversimplifying the issue?
  6. Books?

    I missed this reply first time around and just gave these a look. Absolutely cracking collection, thank you so much for sharing!
  7. Books?

    bump, incase anybody else fancies some recommended reading. This page is saved in my bookmarks :D
  8. I appreciate that, I am just puzzled why it doesn't work out of the box considering it is one of the more popular brands/sets out there. For the average user it is very complicated to have to turn to the likes of target gui or similar to reconfigure the hotas and when you consider that they work fine with other sims out there it's a bit...mehh Is there no way to add support for particularly popular hotas which are known to have issues with your software? I mean in order to save you guys having to test each of the hotas we, the community, could possibly help out in some way no?
  9. Back up in the air enjoying the French summer...
  10. Never mind, somehow I clicked some random button in the target software and got it working again... Something to do with "Enumerate devices" I think. What a hassle though, literally my only real gripe with the sim is that it doesn't support this hotas out of the box for one reason or another. Anywayyyy, rant over thanks for listening
  11. @Polovski Is there no way to program the woff keybind utility to register a "Slider" axis as a "Rudder" input?
  12. Letting windows find it is the same as installing drivers. Once it finds it, it installs the drivers... And i cant program the rudder in because woff does not detect it as the correct type of axis to be compatible as a rudder (Z-axis). That is why I have had to use the thrustmaster gui program. It is a nightmare but now it seems thrustmaster have changed something yet again and it has screwed up the whole lot.
  13. So when I got WOFF originally I was faced with the conundrum of my rudder pedals not detecting as a z axis as they are a slider axis apparently which is a different thing. And so began the difficult process of trying to understand the TARGET software they offer in order to remap the whole hotas set in order to run compatibly with WOFF. Luckily, on one of the forums from a while back, someone had posted a TARGET profile for the T16000 which i was able to update a little and get everything running. However, it seems that Thrustmaster have updated drivers or something and it has gone and rendered the hotas stick unreadable now in WOFF. So I can now control my rudder but I can't pitch or bank!!!! ARGGHHH! It is infuriating. I have no interest in diving into setting up an entirely new target profile as it is beyond me but if anybody has any ideas on how to get this lot working again in WOFF I would be beyond greatful :)
  14. Invisible Brick Wall ?

    Would it be distasteful if Pol were to insert a random easter egg with footage of these guys when your campaign....uh...."ends abruptly" LOL
  15. Bullet Strikes

    Can we update Catch's forum stat to "very senior member"?

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