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  1. Hope this Link works,Abaris and yes it should work with the german version(hoffe ich doch sehr...!). http://www.biohazcentral.com/download.php?list.18 Vegas hope You get Your crashes fixed, I know the patch is more awaited then Christmas itself was ... ;) Had no crashes here during testing. But maybe it´s due to my hardware,my PC-Specs : P4 3006MHz@3500MHz/512MB-Ram/ATI 9800Pro 256MB. The Idea of making Campaigns was more to kill time until patch comes out...! But now I must admit,that I´ve learned much from this editing stuff. Getting better with every test-mission from my campaigns concerning usage of radar,tactics,air-refueling,sam-avoidance,low-level flying and carrier-landings. My opinion is that the included Campaigns are very hard to succeed with the present version of game,I´m having problems with micro-stuttering and radar-aquisition. Oh btw. GhostDog this Campaign includes only russian planes,sorry m8... Thank You all for Your postings Snake
  2. Thanks Ghost, started it too, but back to work again on a new Campaign here. That´s why I needed some input...! Check Six Snake
  3. ...no response ? I´ld realy appreciate some feedback, saw it´s been d/l many times - so somebody must have tried it out so far? Snake
  4. Hi Guys, would like to know,if You had any problems or bugs running the Snake-Campaign? While I´m waiting for the patch,I´m doing a new Campaign. Because I shouldn´t repeat the same mistakes I´m curious about some feedback ! How are the framerates ? How is the Gameplay ? I had some difficulties with the briefing,hope the objectives were understandable!? Was it too easy or to hard? Etc. .... . Check Six,merry Christmas and a happy new Year ! Snake

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