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  1. As i said before, i had this problem, but i found a fix: Make sure you have the latest sound card drivers!!! , i found that turning down harware acceleration really screwed everything up, (especially with 5.1) but i downloaded the new drivers and hey, it worked!
  2. I have the EXACT same problem, it was fine for about a week, and then what you describe has happend! , are you sure its wise to disable your hardware acceleration, wont it mess your system up, if anyones had this problem and this has fixed it, please say. Thanks EDIT: i also have the exact same sound set up thanks again
  3. i had that problem, i sorted by messing around with my zip/postal code and other things in my profile as well.. you also need to go to you e-mail and click on the link to activate you account and then from that page (without closing it) go to the forums.
  4. The VVS 504 Attack squadron is a squadron that's been around for months prior to Lo-mac's release and now is ready to start flying. We are looking for dedicated and Active pilots to join our squadron. We have 2 wings within the 504, the bomber wing, which flies the su-25 the squads primary aircraft and the Fighter wing which flies the Mig-29 aircraft, once you sign up however you are not forced to fly within that wing and that aircraft, you can fly either of the 2. If your thinking of joining but you've only just started flying Lock on or flight sims and have no past experience, this doesnt matter, the 504 accepts anyone who is willing to have a good time and fly as a squad. For more info visit www.vvs504.com or e-mail me @ ed12003@hotmail.com (please, no spam) Thank's hawk - squadron XO
  5. i seem to have a problem with this forum software, my clan also uses this same software for their forums and i get the same problem there. After i post, it seems to take forever to post, if at all, so when its loading i usually exit the window then i get an error report, but then when i come back to the forum, it shows my post and all is fine, but i have to do this after everytime i post.. any ideas? Apologies for posting this in the Lo-mac forums, but i couldnt find a problem forum.. Thanks for any help.
  6. nice, very nice screens, thanks for shareing

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