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  1. I have a new WOV install & applied the 3 patches, & nothing else. I can't hear inside engine , or weapon sounds. I have no sound card problems in any other sims. Any help appreciated.
  2. I got it. Had to find and remove the right install shield folder, then no problem.
  3. Unfortunately I didn't have a restore point. I should never do anything important after midnight.
  4. Thanks Fubar, but no joy. Guess I'll put it on the self till my next clean install. Thanks everyone.
  5. It must be something not obvious that only 3rd wire knows. I emailed them for some help, but they didn't have the courtesy to reply.
  6. Can't get that far, it wants to uninstall. Setup is finding something that makes it think WOV is still installed.
  7. I can't get that far. Something makes setup think it's still installed.
  8. Hi, I wanted to remove & reinstall WOV because I was having problems. I tried removing it in the normal way, but it wouldn't work. Eventually I deleted the WOV folder, then went to registry removing everything to do with Wings Over Vietnam, WOV, & Third Wire. When I try to reinstall I'm asked if I want remove all of the program? then appears to remove files. Bottom lines is I can't reinstall WOV because theirs something left. Can anyone suggest what in the registry files might be removed so I can reinstall the game? I had all patches installed & I'm using winxp home. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  9. Just using the "F" model, so no problem.
  10. Nice job on the planes & cockpit. I have to admit installing was a bear for me. I must have done something wrong because when I load the pave spike I get ctd. Any help appreciated.
  11. The jetburner.wav is in the sound folder. Really puzzled as to why, any suggestions? Thanks,
  12. Thanks howling, I'll give it another go in a few days.
  13. Thanks Chris. I tried the most recent weapons editor with the result. Things just got worse lol. I tried deuces effects mod & now I don't have any nukes (and other stuff) in the weapons load out screen. I think I'll go back & fix things forgetting about the Mk43 mod. I don't know much about all these mods, & many are really cool (love the dirty smoke). I'm wondering if they need to be added in a certain sequence so they don't effect each other.
  14. I'm running WOV & downloded fubar's nuke mod, but can't get the effects to show. I checked & double checked the flie placement. I've read that opening the the weopondata .ini with the weapon editor to validate it fixes the problem. The weapon editor won't open, it starts then closes. Any help appreciated.
  15. Thinking of buying TrackIR Pro but I need some feed back. After watching the advertizing video it just seems unnatural to turn your head, but keep your eyes to the front. I realize you can setup where small movements equal larger pan veiws. It would be great with 3 monitors, but with one seems a little odd. Not that way?? Also does it mean Enhanced games, or mode? Thanks,

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