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  1. I wouldnt complain about the download limit but i get furious sometimes about how i can only download one to four a day instead of the 5 downloads per day. Maybe because I have been dwonloading a bit too much mods lately.
  2. A-5A v3.0 for SF2

    It ain't really fun without the nukes. Don't know why i can't use them.
  3. And now I have an error because stuff wasn't done properly. There's stuff missing in my old install and all the stuff is scattered around so I will mess up real bad.
  4. Plus, if I want to make my SF NA to become WWII, how do I do it properly? All the files are mixed together and it may be hard to move the files to a new folder.
  5. Do I get the WWII gun pak because I want to convert my NA installation to a all-theater WWII install
  6. I installed this Me 262 mod (This one) into my SF2 folder and it works fine except there's no guns. Don't know why.
  7. SF2 NAA B-45A & B-45C Pack

    Is it just me or are the bombs not deploying?
  8. Nevermind, I see now. Thanks for the support.
  9. I installed the Sept. 2011 version, then patched it onwards.
  10. I ran it for the first time yesterday and said folder was not created.
  11. So it is said in the readme that I have to paste the objects folder into "Objects" but nothing happens. Still no scorpion.
  12. My SF install doesn't have a mod folder. Plus I fear overwriting the objects folder will cause game breaking issues.

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