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  1. Do you believe in Ghosts ?

    Wishing everyone Joy,peace, and a safe Holiday and a bright Happy New Year.
  3. for the rivet counters,,,,, Nose tip Pitot fix. unrar and replace in aircraft folder pitot welded.rar
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    Enjoy your Holiday, please be safe
  5. Do not pass GO, do not collect your $200
  6. Coyote aerospace has a few projects waiting for skins . We could use another helper.
  7. By Coupie Ahemm err mhmmm another two weeks ? LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKnZb4jljoQ&t=7s
  8. Mues contributions have greatly enhanced and prolonged the life of this simulator now if we can only convince him to update the LOD exporter .. LOL
  9. Had this happen a few times, what can be the cause ? And how can it be fixed ?

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