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  1. on and off my friend, real world still keeping me very busy
  2. Happy you are enjoying this :) . Always happy when I see someone enjoy my Mods.. I always tried to create aircraft that cannot be found in other simulators, and I had very few resources when I started this project. I had so many more Ideas for other projects, but situations arose in real life that I can no longer devote the time to modding as I did before. there are other projects out there that other modders are helping me put the last touches on them, and hopefully will be released in the near future. take care Ed
  3. Kev if this is the last one I posted guess what
  4. Still very busy with real life issues, but will try to finish projects already started



    1. Coupi


      Hello Ed, :smile:

      I'm happy to read you!!!

      Take your time my friend, no hurry.

      Very very best regards,


    2. Stratos


      Good to see you're safe and sound!

    3. Muesli


      Stay strong buddy, good to hear from you.

  5. TU-104 Camel

  6. il-38N "May"

  7. IL-38 "MAY"

  8. E-767 AWACS


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