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  1. I don't want to knock Nic's fine effort. It really should be applauded. But having read thru most of the manual that came on the CD and the one at the LOMAC site I found that it was very very very wanting. Some stuff was outdated and other stuff was just very thin. I never did find certain subjects. If Nic took that manual and is charging for the downloadable version for $14.99 I hope he reworked it a lot because it really needed it. Just my 2 cents......now back to your regularly scheduled program.....spongebob was it?
  2. I'd have to say LOMAC falls in between the games you mentioned as far as hardcore to arcade goes. Its a survey sim rather than a study sim but its got a harder edge.... especially in the flight modeling department. It doesn't come with a 500 page manual but its a nice blend between say Back to Bagdad and ATF.
  3. climb above 1000m alt. and you'll start to get good blips once more B) There's something about being under 1000m that puts you into ground clutter I guess or perhaps we need to angle of our radar sweep. Either way you want to be up higher so you can increase your BVR range. Being up higher shortens the F16's BVR range while increasing yours. The AI doesn't seem to want to climb in a BVR joust. If you can keep your range and altitude you'll crush the F16's. Be cautious of the F4's though. Good luck!
  4. Newbie

    Try keeping your range and don't rely on your wingman for much help. I beat that mission by offsetting out to the left and killing the F16c's as singles. I found the F4's much more formidable. Its pretty hard to spoof those Aim7's. But if you can clear out the F16's by that time the F4's will be attacking your airbase. While they are in air to ground mode you can engage the F4's. I found that by killing off some F16's and landing I get a successful mission. The 2nd mission in that campaign is fun. You'd better install those v3 clouds though or else your framerate will plummet. :P
  5. I really try to stay away from the Ubi site. Between the sig frenzy and the flaming its just not a very productive environment. And I wasn't seeing too many familiar faces there. I visit SimHQ and Frugals to see if any of the dev's have made any good relevant posts.

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