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  1. Yes, that's it! Thanks for the reply Wrench! However it was a bit of a "pain in the ass" to figure out the right coordinates, I had to look at the Strategical Nodes in the 'Campaign_data.ini' file and imagine in my mind a set of coordinates that would pass near the desired places (in relation to existing Strategical Nodes) so that the frontline is draw near the desired place. So my first question here, is there any other alternative and easier way to figure out the right coordinates for a certain point on the map? I also have an another question: In my campaign I set 4 Positions for my frontline and I notice that your example uses 11 Positions. So is there any problem about having 4 positions only or should I have more for my frontline?
  2. First of all, thanks everyone for the replies. Actually one of the things that I tried was to place enemy units in positions within the friendly side of the frontline in hope to see the frontline starting in a different position but unfortunately without success! In this case what happens is that those enemy units (placed in the friendly side of the frontline) simply won't spawn on the map (and the frontline starts in the same place as it starts on default campaigns). If someone could help me on this regards, I would appreciate.
  3. Currently I'm creating a new campaign based on the Desert (Fictional) scenario and campaigns but in the campaign that I'm building I want that the frontline's starting position to be located considerably to the north (well within Dhimar's territory) compared to the starting position of the frontline in the stock/default campaigns but I can't seem to find where or how can I do this. Could someone help me on this regard? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. First of all, thanks for the replies. To be honest I never had intention of making every MFD page that exists in real life for the CF-18A or F/A-18A. What I would like to do is something much simpler in the lines with what was already done with the TMF F-14 and/or Super Hornet. To be more precise what I would like to do is having the ability to choose for the left MFD between the SMS and EW (RWR) pages just like happens with the Super Hornet and for the right MFD I would like to be able to choose between the Radar and ADI pages. The later part (right MFD) is also currently modeled in the Super Hornet albeit the player doesn't change between Radar and ADI by pressing a key (like happens with the left MFD) but instead it's something like this: Radar on -> Shows Radar Page or Radar off -> Shows ADI page and honestly I would be happy with this solution for the right MFD for my CF-18A or F/A-18A but what I don't know or don't understand is how can I implement the solution for the left MFD? So if someone could explain me how this can be done I would appreciate.
  5. I know that SF2 doesn't support true MFD functionalities similar to the ones found on the real F/A-18 for example (among many other modern aircraft) but I noticed that there are two modded aircraft, one being the TMF F-14 and the other a F/A-18 Super Hornet (don't know how made it, sorry, but it's included in the Op. Darius mod). With the TMF F-14 it's possible to change the HSI (lower CRT display) to display one of three (3) different pages (NAV, Radar and RWR) using the Bomb Ripple Interval key while the VSI (upper CRT display) can also display different pages using the Bomb Ripple Quantity key. The Super Hornet's (mentioned above) left MFD can display one of two (2) pages (EW and SMS) which can be cycled using the Bomb Ripple Interval key (similar to the TMF F-14). So my questions are: - How can I implement something like this on an existing aircraft (the CF-18 or F/A-18A/C for example)? - Is it possible to use another set of keys (alternatively to the Bomb Ripple Interval/Quantity keys) in order to change/cycle thru the MDF pages? Thanks in advance for replies.
  6. Actually I didn't have the update installed (I didn't know that there was one) but after installing it, it really seems to have solved my problem! Thanks BlueCaneCorso for the reply and for pointing out the update's download link! And of course, thanks to the others as well for trying to help me.
  7. I've been playing with the Operation Desert Storm mod for SF2 lately and I found an another problem related with this mod, this one related to the carriers. One of the planes that I've been playing with this mod the most has been the F-14. But I have a problem when trying to land the F-14 (and I suspect any other aircraft as well) on some carriers, the aircraft will "sink" inside the carrier instead of keeping itself with the wheels on the carrier's deck!! If I apply enough power than I can literally go thru the carrier and leave it behind (my aircraft doesn't explode while "sinking" and flying inside the carrier) or else it will end up crashing on the water! This issue doesn't seem to happen with all carriers (only with some). So, is how can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance for replies.
  8. Yes, but the question remains: How can I incress the bomb load capacity of those racks so I can for example load 2 Mk-83 1000lb bombs in each of those racks? I tried to incress the value of the "LoadLimit=" parameter but that didn't work. :(
  9. You mean to ask "why not just use the 2BR for the CF-18s?", right? Well, the stock 2BR carries both bombs one in front of the other (just like a MER - Multiplayer Ejector Rack but with 2 bombs only instead of 6 or more). For the CF-18, I need a Twin Bomb Rack that carries both bomb side by side. Thanks for the heads up! Could you point me where to find the 2BR that I'm using? I cannot seem to find this 2BR (the one used on the CF-104 which I adapted for the CF-18 as well).
  10. Recently I downloaded NATO Fighters 5 and while I'm very pleased with it, I do want to make some changes to make it more realistic, namely in the CF-18 Hornet which I notice can carry TERs (Triple Ejector Racks) with up to 3 bombs and even 3 Missiles (such as the AGM-65 Maverick) per pylon. This is not realistic since the real F/A-18 and CF-18 can only carry Twin Bomb Racks per pylon (and don't carry TERs). So far I did some editing, first by editing the LoadLimit values but I either ended up being able to carry 3 light bombs per TER or I couldn't load the heaviest bombs (such as 2000lb bombs) so I was unhappy with it. Then by looking into the CF-104(76) Starfighter data code (CF-104_76_DATA.INI) I added the following line to the CF-18_DATA.ini file: RackSpecificStationCode=HARRIER_WING while eliminating the TER, MER and TLR codes (and keeping the 2BR). This so far had the best result since it gave me a true Twin Bomb racks very similar to real F/A-18 ones but the problem is that I can't load 2 Mk83 (1000lb) bombs per pylon or even 2 BL-755 Cluster Bombs per pylon, like the real F/A-18 and CF-18 can! After this I had a look into the F-4F_DATA.ini file and I noticed a very interesting solution, which was a TER with the following code line: RackLimitOutsideOnly=TRUE But the problem here is that with this code and while effectivelly limiting the bomb load to 2 (instead of 3) within the TER rack, the 2 bombs are carried one in a side position (the outside one) and the other in the lower position. What I wish is to have a way that I can carry two bombs only in a TER rack but on both side positions (outside and inside positions) leaving the lower position always free but unfortunally I don't know how to do this! So can someone help me on this? Thanks in advance for replies.
  11. CF-35A

    So far everything seems to indicate that it will be this, the F-35 (which will be named CF-35 in Canadian service) and more precisely the F-35A version.
  12. The square solution look great! But this only works for the targeted object, right? Is there a way to implement this kind of square to ALL visible objects (friendly and enemy aircraft and ground targets and vehicles)?

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