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  1. Other than the night-fighter version, did the USMC fly the Hellcat in WW2?
  2. I recently installed the old PTO install from A-Team that I had in my old computer (had a copy saved in an external drive) into the new one. When trying to load a campaign, after loading to about 70-80%, it either crashes or I get a black screen. What could be the cause of this?
  3. Some pics from the Pacific and CBI
  4. That sounds like a good idea, thanks! I will try that for sure!
  5. I've tried smaller size, but the details just become blurry. For the decals to fit properly they have to be scaled up to 4.325 in the decal.ini. I may try to add some paint chips here and there.
  6. Not sure about weathering. The tga's are 1000x1000 and already 3907Kb each.
  7. Only the national and theater markings are painted on, everything else (including the nose and rudder) are decals.
  8. National insignias & theater markings are painted on. Spinner, unit code, AC code, serial numbers and rudders are decals.

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