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  1. Many thanks Adger and I hope and trust you and your family are all fit and well.Best regards.
  2. And a very Happy New Year to you and your family Jim.Good luck for your next flight.
  3. Many thanks Olham and my best wishes to you and your loved ones for a memorable Christmas
  4. Many thanks Human Drone.I had my 95th birthday last August and am doing pretty well really.I had a bout with cancer early this year but the medicos got on top of it pretty fast.There are a lot of very clever doctors out there.I still manage to get a flight in WOFF UE each morning.Mostly QC but the occasional campaign now and again. Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a Bonzer Christms Bonzer=Archaic Aussie slang for excellent.
  5. A Happy and Memorable Christmas to you Human Drone .May your door be busy all day.
  6. Sorry , my post was all awry.In the Pacific Theatre it was the red central patch that was removed because of its supposed resemblance to the Japanese Rising Sun emblem.
  7. In the Pacific area I was led to believe it was because the red central area could be mistaken for the Japanese Rising Sun emblem, but if it was also changed in the European Theatre that does not seem to apply does it?
  8. Nvidia Inspector

    Welcome to the fold Mike Dora.You will find this sim absolutely absorbing.I have not been able to find an Nvidia Inspector profile for WOFF but Widowmaker reports above that he has found a few and intends to try them out.I await his results with great interest. In the meantime new boy buys the drinks.Cheers!
  9. Nvidia Inspector

    Hi Widowmaker, Nvidia Inspector certaInly makes a remarkable difference to FSX.I can't see why a profile for WOFF ts not possible.There are already many profiles available.
  10. Many thanks Hauksbee,that will be very usefull.My apologies for not achnowledging your post earlier but I haven't checked in for a while.RL does get in the way at times.
  11. Thanks Jim.I will make a note of that. Olham, At my age I feel almost prehistoric most of the time.
  12. This was taken in Northern Luzon about May/June 1945.That's me on the right. The two American soldiers belong to a mortar platoon of the 37th US Infantry Division.
  13. Thanks for your very clear instructions Olham but when i get the photos on the Reply page they are huge and require much scrolling to see.How do I reduce their size?
  14. Olham,can you tell me, in simple one-syllable words how to do that ?
  15. My unit-7th Aust.Infantry Division- served in the Middle East in Syria against Vichy French forces,New Guinea and Borneo,but I only joined them as a reinforcement in New Guinea when they were engaged with the Japanese Army.

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