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  1. Falcon 4.0 SP4

    thank you very much mate
  2. Joining the Marines?

    First of all the medication is a definate sign fo doom in the service. If youa re taking a major depression med it is likely that you have a chemical inbalance int he brain. The service especially the marine corps is a hard life chocked full of stress. especially in combat. I highly recomend you not join with any recruiter for that. AS for the tattoos that is not an option either. if you have any visible tattoos the marines will not take you anymore for that either. Sounds like you have went through some very trying times. I would not want to have you risk your self for the service int his way. there are many other ways to support the sailors, soldiers, marines and zoomies(airforce) with out actually joining. Having done a stint as a recruiter I had to learn the policies for all of the services. the only way the marines or navy could bring you in with out you lying is for you to be off your meds for 2 years with no episodes and you will have to be inthe treatment of a psychologist or psychiatrist during that time who will give you a clean bill of health. Then and only then can we bring you in the navy. As much as you want to join please look at this scenario and consider if it would be worth it to join at this time. You are under enemy fire and you have an attaack and freeze. suddenly you are not funcitoning and the marines you serve with need your help. If yiou can not function then you are now a detriment to your platoon. Young and old marines are dying everyday in IRAQ. I implore you to make an appointment with a psychologist first and discuss this with them and see where you stand on the road to recovery. You sound really bright and have a brite future ahead of you with out the military. I dont want to sound mean or callous. I am just trying to be a voice fo reason and air the truth of the decisions and their consequences that are ahead of you. Gator
  3. Because Im a Sailor

    NOT FUNNY!!!!! I am not laughing here..... Why does everyone always assume sailors are gay. hell 30 perscent of my shipscrew are female.
  4. Falcon 4.0 SP4

    thaks finiteless. This will keep me occupied and the days flying past. Gator
  5. Falcon 4.0 SP4

    THanks alot please if you could mail it out burned on a cd to: AT1 Jon Whetstone USS WASP LHD-1 AIMD/IM-3 FPO AE 09556-1660 I really appreciate it. I can not download anything out here and my wife can barely turnt he computer on much less download a file and burn a cd for me....lol Gator
  6. Falcon 4.0 SP4

    Hey guys, Is SP4 out. I have been out here on this ship for a while if so is anyone willing to download it and send it too me. I have no bandwidth and cannot download anything at all. Thanks Gator
  7. Helllllloooooo From The Persian Gulf

    Thanks for the thoughts. I am not a marine. I am a SAILOR.... LOL Hell I shoul;da made chief this year but the board didnt smile on me. see you guys on the beach
  8. Good evening gents and ladies. Just thought I would drop a line or twenty from the hot as all hell 130 degree persian gulf. I am floating out here on deployment onboard USS Wasp LHD-1. You can check us out here http://www.wasp.navy.mil/ I have been here flotin since april and should be home hopefully in september. I finally got enough bandwidh to access the site from the ship here. It sure is a different navy than when i came in back in 1988 when we didnt have email out here. you had to send a letter and it took 2 -3 weeks to get a letter to the states and again as long to get one back. Now I can email chat with my wife daily. Yall stay safe and be good on the boards. Madjeff I will be abck soon. Did you drop me off of staff??? just checkin ben gone a while. glad to see the site is finally back up and running. Gator out
  9. See U Guys In 6 Months

    I am deployed to the mid east i will see you guys in 6 months when I return Stay safe Gator
  10. I have an X36 and it is the same size as the x45. unless u have hands the size of andre the giant i cant see what you are talking about. My stick has no slop or rough spots and it is 2 years old and is not worn out. i fly constantly. as for sensitivity. almost every game has a sensitivity setting to adjust for this. i suggest you search out yours. if you are truly hard to plaes then i suggest u spend 300 for a ch pro setup with the usb stick throttle and rudder pedals. the price is steep but the hardware is unmatched by anything. including the cougar. and ch can be setup and ran with a lot less trouble than the thrustmaster stick If you are not a hard core simmer i dont advise you to buy the ch pro setup. Only if u intend to get your money back out of it. Gator
  11. Which Mos Would You Pick?

    Zagnut, Before you choose a field or service look around and shop. Pick a job that: 1. you will enjoy doing. find a field that peaks your natural curiousity. Doing so will ensure success 2. Dont listen to one recruiters sell job. he will say one thing but when it comes down to it he is going to fulfill the needs of the guard. 3. Get everything in writing. If it isnt in the contract it isnt going to happen. I have been in the US navy for 15 years now. we also have 100% tuition assistance while on active duty and you can enroll in the GI bill for 40,000 towars college. I pitch navy first because we have the best technical traiing of any service. I am a master avionics instructor here in virginia. My courses hold a higher accredidation than any other service. The last peice of advice I can give you is to not join the guard and stay home. Join a regular branch and do your first tour away from home. it will help you mature in many ways. Then if you are not happy after the first enlistment then go reserves. Gator
  12. if u have a wheel mouse. enable mouselook and scroll your wheel this will let you zoom out the cockpit
  13. Wtf! Are Those Things On The Quizno's Adds?

    I dont know but I laughed my butt off at the dang comercial.....
  14. Desert Combat 0.6 Released

    DEsert Combat V 0.7 is released and on fileplanet. go get it.
  15. Fs2004

    where can i get that add on pack at?????

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