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  1. nyarla! one warning here: we do not support neither endorse software piracy, no matter how "just" the cause may be! I would suggest not talking about pirating any software here-many people who are posting here have helped make WOV, either by contributing stuff or beta-testing, and these guys could see posts like yours as a slap in the face of the honest people, buying it or waiting for it to arrive to buy it! so please refrain from any further posting with piracy in mind-consider this as a warning! best regards BL
  2. S! any chance we get the F-14 Tomcat with this baby to do some "Final Countdown" stuff? :D BL
  3. S! Gentlemen, after reading thru the very informative "Weasel" thread here, I have to suggest an idea, and I have a good book recommendation for all those interested in Wild Weasels; but first, first things first: we do have nearly all the planes we would need for a decent "evolution of weaseling" campaign; the F-105F is in the works, we have the F-4C and an F-4G, we have the necessary weapons, and we have the F-100; all we would need would be a two seat F-100F and a talent in mission creating; as a basis for that, I can recommend 2 very good books; one is from Anthony Thornborough and it is called "Iron Hand - Smashing the enemie´s air defences"; I just bought it for about 20 USD and I am amazed how good this book is; it describes how the USAF and USN deal and have dealt with their enemies air defences, either thru hard killing the sites or thru soft killing the guidance systems; the book traces this development from the earliest days in Vietnam right up to the operations over Kosovo, and it also provides a glimpse into the future and how the introduction of Stealth has changed things; packed with accounts by the pilots and EWOs and full of stories, sometimes hairraising, sometimes just plainly gripping, this book tells the story of one of the most dangerous missions, ever devised for a combat aircraft, no wonder the now famous "YGBSM" quote is probably the best description how pilots and EWOs, assigned to this task felt and probably still feel; definitely one of the best books about modern military aviation I have ever come across, and I do own quite a few of them; my second recommendation is a book from Larry Davis, published by Squadron Signal Publications - "Wild Weasels - The SAM suppression story"; this one is a smaller one, but it comes with the SSP typical detail drawings of systems and weapons, and good pictures of weapons, aircraft, jamming pods and other related stuff; as it is a publication of the Vietnam studies group, it focuses mainly on development there, while only providing a short look at the history of Wild Weaseling after 1975, this is a little drawback of the book, but then again, this timeframe is exactely what fits for SF, so I do also recommend it highly; best regards BL

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